Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Magic Ring Part II

The Magic Ring
Written at age 12-13
Total number of words: 4,214
Words in this installment: 597

Personal Ratings (1-10):
Plot: 5.5
Style: 7
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Part II:

At five twenty-five, the door bell rang. Katelyn jumped up before her mother could offer to answer it, glad for an excuse to escape. She flung open the front door. It was Caroline and her mother, Mrs. Kirk. They had both moved from London almost two years before. Most of their accents were gone, but occasionally, an English sounding word would slip in. They used words like “lovely” and “horrid” and “repulsive”. They also still called cookies “biscuits” and said some other things differently. Caroline had a brother named Nathan, but after her parents divorced, he stayed with Mr. Kirk in England.

“Caroline! Mrs. Kirk! Boy, am I glad to see you!” Mrs. Kirk gave Katelyn an odd look, but said.

“Thank you, dear. We’re thankful to you for inviting us. It was a lovely thought.” Caroline smiled.

“I couldn’t wait this whole week for today!” she announced. “Since school is out and everything, we never get to see much of each other.” Katelyn led the two guests to the living room.

Everyone, this is my friend Caroline and her mother, Janice,” she told the room full of people. Mrs. Mullen stood up and guided Mrs. Kirk to a chair and the two of them began talking. Katelyn wished she could just take Caroline up to her room and talk, but she knew that would be rude. She and Caroline shared the big armchair Katelyn had been sitting in.

At six o clock, Mrs. Mullen announced that dinner was ready. Everyone went into the dining room and sat down. Mr. Mullen still wasn’t home. Dinner was chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, strawberries and a chocolate cake for dessert. Katelyn ate and ate. Finally, everyone was finished. Mr. Mullen still wasn’t home. Katelyn was pretty mad since it was her special day, but she didn’t say anything.

“Why don’t we go into the living room and save dessert for when your dad gets home?” suggested Mrs. Mullen to Katelyn. Katelyn nodded. “Okay,” she agreed. “But can we do presents now?” Gram clicked her tongue at Katelyn. Katelyn knew it had been slightly rude to ask, but she couldn’t help herself. Mrs. Mullen looked at Katelyn for a minute.

“Okay,” she consented.

“Yea!” Katelyn exclaimed. She ran into the living room. Everyone followed. Caroline handed Katelyn her gift.

“You’re going to love it,” she said. Katelyn had no doubt. Caroline always knew just what to get. Katelyn tore into the paper. She gasped. It was a beautiful journal with a pack of gel pens to go with it!

“Oh, thank you! Thank you!” Katelyn squealed. She hugged Caroline as hard as she could. “I’m almost finished with the journal I have now!” Caroline smiled even bigger.

“You told me that last week,” she said. “I bet you forgot.” Katelyn nodded. She had. But Caroline always remembered everything.

“You’re the best!” Katelyn shrieked. Caroline blushed. Gram made a little noise in her throat. Katelyn looked at her.

“We have a small gift for you as well, Katelyn Elizabeth,” she announced. Katelyn smiled.

“Thank you,” she said politely, taking the small box from Gram’s shriveled little hand. It was wrapped in proper looking burgundy wrapping paper with a gold cord around it. Katelyn unwrapped the box carefully and opened it. It looked like a jewelry box, the kind that rings come in. Katelyn slowly opened the box and prepared to be dazzled by its beauty and wonder how such awful grandparents could give such a lovely present. The lid came all the way up and the ring was revealed. Katelyn was speechless.

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