Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well, Folks, It's Today...

I have a new follower! Thanks, Olive Tree!

NEW MOON COMES OUT AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT/TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am going to be at the theater! Cassie Roads and I will be arriving at the theater two hours ahead of time to ensure a good seat. And I'm still not holding my breath for one. I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be Twi-hards and fanpires lined up outside as early as 6pm this evening.

Can you believe that last year I was about to wet my pants to go see Twilight? LOL! Boy, how times have changed. I've barely had time to think about New Moon until, like, today. I kept thinking I'd start getting excited...but I never did. I'm definitely excited now, but it's more like a vague smile as I participate in a fad than a screaming obsession.

Maturing? *shrug* Maybe :)

So, in honor of the Day of Release, I thought I'd do a Twilight post containing all my thoughts about it. Feel free to roll your eyes and skip this post if you so desire :)

I've already state my opinion on the Why-Christians-Should-Hate-Twilight issue, so I won't go into that again (I believe Twilight is perfectly okay for Believers, by the way). If you want to here my relatively-short-for-me rant, click HERE.

Now my view on the ever-popular issue: TEAM EDWARD OR TEAM JACOB??

The Good
1. Beautiful
2. Strong
3. Mythical
4. Firm believer in abstinence

The Bad
1. Ultimate controlling boyfriend
2. Learn to laugh, would ya, Ed?
3. Dead
4. His love for Bella is completely unrealistic. I mean, really?
5. Robert Pattinson is ugly.

The Good
1. Hott
2. Great sense of humor
3. Mythical
4. Fun to hang out with
5. Loved/knew Bella as a friend first
6. Protective, but not controlling
7. Did I already say hott?
8. Did I mention great sense of humor?

The Bad
1. ...
2. ...
3 ...OH! He swears a couple of times! That could be bad, right...?
4. ...

So, that's where I stand on the Team Jacob vs. Team Edward issue.

BUT. There is someone who trumps them both.

Guess who?

EMMETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WooooooooooooooT! :) Hehe, he's my faaaaaavorite. He's everything Jacob is/has except he's an OLDER BROTHER, TOO!! I mean, c'mon! ;)

Now. Which book is my favorite? I like them all for different reasons, so it's honestly hard to choose.

Great beginning to the story. Edward is awesome in this one because you don't get to know Jacob that much XD Edward and Bella's relationship is fun and healthy and Edward growls several times. *girlish giggle*


*clears throat*

Edward leaves!! :O *gasp* Which sucks the first time you read the book, but then when you read it again, you're not as shocked and you can enjoy Jacob more. Then the book is pretty awesome. Lots of Jacob and Jacob-esque humor. Bella and Edward's relationship spirals quickly into the utterly ridiculous and unhealthy stage.

Definitely my ultimate LEAST FAVORITE. Edward is back (*grumble*), and a complete control-freak. He keeps Bella from her other friends and from her best friend, Jacob. Bella and Edward's relationship is stupid and creepy, and Jacob is constantly fighting for attention. There are some good moments, of course, but over all I wanted to slap Edward the entire time.

Hehe, PG-13. No, really, it's not that bad. Bella and Edward get married, and they do what married couples do. So it's not bad morally, but maybe not for little kids either...Still, you get to see Emmett a LOT more, which is a huge plus to me. Jacob appears plenty, too, and there's even a section of the book written from his point of view! Awesome!

So there's my view on the books. I'll just wrap this rant up with some lovely cast photos :D







Einar said...

*Winces* Did you really have to Kendra?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Einar... not a Twi fan here either.

KnightWing said...

I would be displeased with this post, but you posted a picture of Kristen Stewart at the end. So all is well. :P

[no name] said...

be grateful its friday kiddo, cuz not even the pic of "Bella" (meeehh) saves this post from a :P

and I thought you were on the good side of the force. Why Kendra? why?

Chris said...

Am I the only person who doesn't hate this post? lol

I haven't read the books, but I don't think they're un-Christian at all.

I actually managed to enjoy the second half of the first movie, Twilight, even though the romance was over-the-top corny. I'm looking forward to New Moon, though I confess I won't be going to see it until the twi-fans craziness dwindles a little. Werewolves are plain awesome! =D

Kendra Logan said...

ANNOUNCEMENT: Chris is now my favorite follower.

Haha, just kidding :)

But, just to keep things real, let me ask how many of you "haters" have actually READ the books?






Anyway, I personally thought the Twilight movie should have been burned with other atrocities like the Inkheart movie and Ella Enchanted, but New Moon was flat out amazing. Unbelievable, outstanding, OMG. You guys know how off-the-handle I went about Star Trek, right? Well, this is every bit as exciting to me as that.




Anonymous said...

hmm i didn't even know that movie was coming out ^^"
i went to see twilight in the cinema, and i didn't really like it. i've never read any of the books either, so i probably won't be watching new moon too soon

KnightWing said...
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KnightWing said...

I am not a "hater;" there are just certain aspects of the franchise that I don't like.

I actually own the first book, but I've never gotten more than halfway through it. I barely managed to force myself past the sparkling scene, and once it got to Bella talking about how Edward "looked like a statue of a Greek god," I just couldn't stand it.
I am a male, in case you hadn't noticed. *points to profile image* I am also not gay. Therefore, Twilight's complete emphasis on teenage female fantasies is a bit off-putting to me. *points to GIANT IMAGE OF SHIRTLESS JACOB AT THE TOP OF THE POST*

All personal gripes aside, I definitely don't think Twilight is all bad, but it's not worthy of the unequivocal praise it's been showered with. It's somewhere between psychologically insightful and pandering to teenage hormones. Neither complete bashing nor adamant fangirlism are correct; there's a middle ground to be struck.

Kendra Logan said...

KnightWing: Haha, fair enough. I do actually agree with everything in your comment, including the part about the franchise being kind of blown out of proportion.