Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fortuna Kendrae: My Rings

Some of you may know that I am a ring person. I have about 12 of them. Rings (with the exception of anklets) are the only jewelry I actually wear. Bracelets annoy me, my necklaces always break, and I don't even bother with earrings.

I've had this same plain little mood ring since I was 9 or 10 years old and have worn it faithfully since age 11. It's not big, it's once-silver edges are long turned brass, it makes my finger green, and it rarely gets my mood right, but it's been through a lot. It went through Mock Trial with me, survived my first trip to Disney World, stayed securely on my finger through practicum after practicum. (That is my exact mood ring...well, what it used to look like :D)Also as some of you might know, I'm huge on memories. I get attached to things faster than you can say "carpe diem", and sentimental value is a big deal to me. I "love" this little mood ring. I always make sure I know exactly where it is, which is saying a lot for absent-minded me. If I notice it's not on my finger, I stop whatever I'm doing and find it. My family and friends know that when I say, "WAIT! I've lost my mood ring", they'd better freeze right there.

Ellie B and I joke that when I get married, there will be a ceremonial Removing of the Mood Right (yes, I wear it on my left ring-finger).

I have another ring that's a wrap-around butterfly that I got at this awesome place called Great Wolf Lodge a little over a year ago. I wear it on my right middle finger, and it's also one of my "default rings". I love that ring, too because I built lots of cool memories at GWL, but my mood ring is still #1. (The ring below is pretty much exactly what the butterfly ring looks like, but the outer lines are gold on mine and the jewels that make up the body are smaller and "diamonds".)For Mulan, however, we were all told that we weren't allowed to wear any jewelry. (I didn't really realize that meant my rings at first; I just don't ever wear any other jewelry, and my rings just feel like part of my hands.) It finally recognized the problem just before the Stage Manager called "places" for the opening night show. Yikes! I took them off and stuck them with my stuff.

As the cast headed to the after party, I rummaged around in my stuff to grab my rings; my fingers feel completely awkward and naked without them. I was spending the night with someone, though, so my things were already packed in the trunk. I went to the cast party without them, and sort of forgot.

Every day after that, I would think, "Dang, I have to remember to put my rings back on!" That way of thinking went on for about a week; you know how I am, it takes me a while to ever actually get around to anything. I eventually did get around to it, and put my rings back on. That was short lived, though, because I was about to get in the shower. I took them off again.

Since I'd been out of the habit of wearing them for a week, I forgot to put my rings back on. As I was lying in bed that night, the lack of metal circles around my fingers was starting to bug me. Don't you hate it when you're lying in bed, cozy and half-asleep, and realize you've forgotten something? *sigh* I went to get my rings.

They...weren't on the bathroom counter.

Maybe they were in my hairbrush/makeup/etc. drawer? Nope.

Ohh, maybe I was crazy and never put them back on from Mulan. They were probably in my makeup bag...No, not there either...

Well, I had put on lotion, and I take them off to do that. Maybe they were with my lotion bottles?


On my desk! That must be it.


On my pillows next to my bed?


On the bathroom cabinet?

No there either.


By this time, if you can imagine this, I'm tearing through all of downstairs, frantically searching. I'm kind of OCD, so when I decide I'm going to be irritated until I find something, I am. Everything seems worse at midnight, too XD

Well, after searching every conceivable place forty times, I decided I would HAVE to wait until morning.

The frantic searching continued for days until I finally gave up :( I must have lost the rings at play practice after all. They weren't in my makeup bad, or any other possible place. I was really upset :'(

Saturday, you know, was the last performance of Mulan. That was depressing. On top of that, as we were all walking to the car, someone said something that reminded me of my missing rings. The day was quickly going downhill.

I grouchily yanked bobby pins out of my bun and stuffed them in my makeup pouch. O.O


Was that...?

MY BUTTERFLY RING!! Hallelujah! And the mood ring must be right with it! I joyously ran my hand through the makeup pouch.

Are you kidding me.

No mood ring.

It must have fallen out.

Well, that joy was short lived. I was thrilled about having my butterfly ring back, but my real pride and joy was still AWOL. Whatever.

Dejected once again, I flung open the car door.

*draw drop*


There, on the floor of the car, sat my faithful mood ring.

How did it get there? How was my butterfly ring in my makeup pouch, for another thing? I *KNOW* I searched in there before. And why was my mood ring sitting on the floor? It shouldn't have been in the makeup pouch to get on the floor in the first place...

What can I say? I'm just lucky like that :)

This has been another episode of "FORTUNA KENDRAE!"

English translation: Kendra's Luck ;)

Until next time,


Cavender James said...


Bethany said...

yay! wootzies! :)
I've got a favorite ring too, it's a lovely silver one [a bit like your butterfly ring] that I got at RenFaire this year :) and I used to wear mood rings but they don't do well in water :( and I always forget to put them back on again...

GracieTheFirst said...

Yay! glad you found it!

I have two pieces of jewelry that I actually wear (aside from the occasional earring).

My purity ring (I havnt taken it off in months... its water proof).
My locket (its empty, will stay that way until I get engaged).

I'm glad you found your rings. :D

Einar said...

Auuuugg!!! I know how you feel, I have a LotR replica ring I used to wear everywhere that I lost for a while, was so glad when I found it again.
I tend to loose things when I am in the woods though, so most everything I loose stays lost, still haven't found my pennywhistle pendent I made;(

Kendra Logan said...

Cavender: Yep! :)

Bethany: Ooh, awesome! Yeah, mood rings and water really don't mix. I have to be really careful. You can see a little bit of water damage on mine, though. Some pieces around the edges stay the same color all the time now :)

Gracie: Cool! Neat idea about the locket. That's cool.

Einar: Ooh, LotR replica???? I MUST HAVE THAT! Lol :)

Hmm, bring me with you to look for your pendent and maybe you'll find it, too :)

Logan said...

I like the mood ring. It looks almost magical...

I know what you mean about getting attached to things because of their sentimental value. Sometimes, objects are the only things we have to remind us of people and events when our memories fail us.

Bethany said...

One time I'd just gone to a concert in town, open-air, and I wore my [rather large] clip-on ear-rings. After I got home I discovered to my chagrin that there was only one of them remaining in my ears. I figured it must have fallen off somewhere down-town.

I few days later I was in the goat-barn and looked down and there was the ear-ring. :) It must have fallen off when I was getting hay.

Gabrielle said...

Whoa, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't find my purity ring.

Sometimes I forget it, but the next day I HAVE to wear it. I even have this little tan line there.

Glad you found them, God is always great. :D
And we all know I lose every piece of jewelry I get or break it. I am jewelery worse nightmare. Once I took my ring off to wash the dishes, I'm afraid I'll accidentally send it down the drain, and when I went back to find it my mom had moved it so I didn't know were it was. I freaked out.

Ellie B... said...

No it's because I'm your good luck charm :)