Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Question You've Always Wanted Me to Answer...

Why Do I Want an Older Brother?

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know what my number one wish is.

Yes, you groaned correctly: an older brother.

*sigh* The subject seems old, tired, and dusty to me. It's such a part of me and the way I think, that every time I have to think about it, it feels overdone. Wanting an older brother is like breathing to me. I want one, and that desire sits at the back on my mind 24/7.

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That is 14 posts, folks. All have at least SOMETHING to do with my desire for an older brother.

But the question remains:


I was a pretty happy little kid, but from the time I could talk (literally), I've asked for only one thing consistently: an older brother.

When I was two, my parents calmly explained to me that that was impossible. God had given me to them first, not a boy.

Even at that young age I was nobody's idiot. I remember staring back at my parents, wondering if they were really that slow.


I mean, really? This is not rocket science, folks. Of course, my parents told me that adopting wasn't possible at the time. We weren't rich by any stretch of the imagination, and they didn't feel like God was calling them to do that right then.

So, whatever. I decided to take matters into my own hands. If I couldn't have a real brother, I would have to fake it. All my imaginary games began to incorporate a "big brother". Then I started claiming these two teenaged twin boys at my old church: Jeremy and Jason. They were fifteen years older than me, but I figured they'd do. I liked them, so I started telling everyone that they were my brothers. I guess people thought a sweet little two year old wouldn't lie, so they started believing me. That left my parents in an interesting position when word got around to them about their extra kids...

When I was five, we left our old church and started the awesome one I go to now. Wh--

Oh, DANG IT. I just let the cat out of the bag. *sigh* Yes, my Daddy's a pastor. Don't judge me XD

When we left our old church, I was brother-less for a while, but not for too long. I was going to find a brother, that was for sure. Every older guy that I met I mentally auditioned. I met a few, even asked one if he'd be my older brother when I was about seven, but that didn't go over well.

Even though I knew it was useless, I prayed for an older brother all the time. It was what I wished for on every single birthday cake and every time I saw a first star, I wished for an older brother. I was just so lonely without one. Nothing was good without one. It seemed like the world's largest injustice.

When I was eight, Gabrielle and her older brother started coming to our church. They were nice, and after a while, I became best friends with Gabrielle. She was into the same pretend-games I was, and we had all the same weird interests. One of the coolest parts was that her brother (let's call him Him) would play with us!

It took me a whole year before I started realizing that He was the brother I'd always wanted. I mean, I was still begging my parents to adopt. Of course, by this time, my dad insisted that he did not want to bring a strange teen-aged boy into the house with me and my sister.

So, GREAT, Dad, you've MISSED THE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY. You could have adopted YEARS ago, but you waited until I was too old???

Anyway, "He" was absolutely everything I'd ever thought of, plus so much more. He treated me just like a sister, I treated him like a brother. He would play with me, talk to me, protect me, make me laugh, explain things to me. I loved him and trusted him more than any other guy in the world (Daddy excluded).

He played imaginary games with us every night after Wednesday night Bible study. Me, Lizzy, Gabrielle, Matt ("little brother") and Katie ("little sister") would all run outside to the swing-set in the summertime and wait for him to come play with us. Our games were not your normal ones; no tag or hide-'n'-go-seek. We played one of three things: Orphans, Slaves or Orphan Slaves. Chiefly the latter.

In the wintertime when it was too dark to play outside after Bible study, we'd play a different version in the preschool Sunday school room.

I have tons of memories that include Him, most of them good, although there are a few times I wish hadn't happen, haha. Mainly the time he rolled over on my leg while we were on the trampoline when I refused to get off.

Still, he was the most amazing "brother" in the world. I was finally "happy" for the first time in eight years. God had finally heard me! I had a brother! I was so happy I'd lie in bed at night and just smile. God was awesome, everything was good.

I didn't appreciate "Him" as much as I should have. I figured that was fine. I mean, he wasn't going anywhere. He'd always be around. I figured I had my whole life to love him and live around him. Who cared about carpe diem? I would always have cras (tomorrow)!

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

The February I turned thirteen, He and Gabrielle stopped coming to our church.
They stopped coming to Bible study.
I stopped seeing Him altogether.

That was hard. That was...really, really hard.

You know the phrase "You never know what you've got until it's gone"? Well, I understand that so much more now.

It felt like God had dangled joy in front of me, gotten me accustomed to it, and then snatched it back. Why would God give my an older brother and then just take him away again?? Wasn't it enough not to have one in the first place??

I used to cry all the time, every night. My journals were filling up with Him Memories, trying to salvage what I could. I didn't want to talk about Him anymore. If anyone said his name, I would leave the conversation. I didn't want to forget about him, but remembering him made me want to cry. I was mad at Him, I was mad at God, I was made at His and Gabrielle's mom for taking Him and Gabrielle away. (I could always see Gabby at parties and have her over, but I'd never have a reason to see Him ever again.)

I know this is going to sound really melodramatic, but it felt like there was a Hole in My Heart.

So, there's a brief history of my brother problems, but it still doesn't explain WHY I crave an older brother.

As I think about it, I almost wonder if it's been bred into me or something. Not by a parent or anything, but by ME. Was it just a childish whim that I nourished until it's become this overwhelming desire? Is the hole in my heart just...manufactured?

The need for an older brother is very present in the way I think. I feel lonely, like I used to have something that was taken away, or I'm supposed to have something I don't. Like there's a piece of my life missing. It honestly feels like I'm living a mistake.

I also know my dad would really like a boy, too. I mean, he has a half brother, but he had all girls, too. This is the generation my family name dies. If I had had an older brother, "Logan" could have lived on. I know Daddy wishes he had a boy, but not instead of me or anything. I know he wouldn't trade me or Lizzy for ANYTHING, but I still sort of feel bad sometimes, you know? Like I should have been the boy or something, and that would have fixed everything. Daddy would have a son. He wouldn't have to show his daughter all the stuff about tools and yard work just because he has no one else to tell. Lizzy would have an older brother at least.

I also feel kind of lonely a lot. Not for lack of friends, but for lack of...a brother. I don't like being the oldest, and I want someone to look up to, to help me out, to talk to, to protect me if I were ever in trouble.

In a lot of ways, I feel like I'm the older brother. I'm the one who kills the spiders, looks into the weird noises Lizzy hears in the basement, checks behind the closet doors, likes the gory movies, enjoys trekking through the woods, and annoys my little sister. I don't like being the "older brother", I wish I had someone else to do it.

Does any of this make any sense? I probably seem like a complete psycho, don't I?


Maybe there *is* something wrong with me. But whatever. I want an older brother, and this was my attempt at figuring out why.


Anonymous said...

it's disconcerting to wish for something that you know you will never have. probably most of the stuff we wish for is exactly that. it's hard to understand.

Bleah Briann Patterson said...

lol yeah, it does look like we have alot in common. And guess what *voice hushes to a wisper*...I hate purple with a passion and my room is destined to be green!!! :)
So anywho, I'm following you now and with any luck you'll do the same. Haha I was looking at your profile, and we have almost all the same bands in common, not that I have all of them on my profile. And I personally think its awesome your dads a pastor. Thats really cool. OKay, well this comment is getting way to long. :)
-Bleah Briann

GracieTheFirst said...

This was such a sweet post. :)
(although I will admit that I laughed when you brought HIM up, mainly just because your only calling him Him. XD)

I always wanted an older brother too. Maybe I'll post about why on my blog. :P

GracieTheFirst said...

(Kendra has inspired me once again)

Kendra Logan said...

Puddle: Eh, maybe.

Bleah: Oh, thanks for following! Awesome! Haha, yeah purple FTL, green FTW XD

No such thing as a comment getting "too long", and I'm glad you think it's cool my dad's a pastor :)

Gracie: Thanks. Haha, it's an old habit. Like I said, none of us mentioned him by name when I was around for a very long time... :-/ I still call him Him in my thoughts and journals.

Yay for inspiration!

Logan said...

The grass is always greener on the other side...


I don't have an older brother so I really don't know. Hey, do you have any idea why your blog page refreshes so many times (I usually hear lots of clicks when I come here)? Maybe it's just my computer...

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

*sigh* I wish my blog was this popular. I'll get there though, I'll get there. LOL Thanks for following me!!!

Jillian said...

I know what you mean. I am the oldest child in my family, and I wanted one too. I could never find one, for some reason. Well, there was this one guy, but it wasn't as pure in my opinion, and it kind of blossomed into a crush.

I can pray, and agree with you that God would bring "him" back into your life, if that's what you want.

It's all very sad.

The Bible says Jesus can be our big brother.
I know, I usually get upset when adults tell me that, and I'm like, "BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME!".
But he is a big brother of some sort.

Einar said...

Hmmmm...maybe you should switch out with my sisters, they have an older brother and don't appreciate him very much;P

Interestingly, I have had an (imaginary) twin brother for about ten years now, he is the one who swings swords, plays music, and talks like an irish/scotsman all the time. His name is Einar:)
Maybe I should do a dialog between us on my blog sometime...might be interesting....

KnightWing said...

Yeah, I used to have a lot of similar desires. I always wanted a sister (or, at the very least, a really great female friend/companion), but it never quite worked out. There was one girl (we'll call her "Her") who I almost desperately wanted to be my sister, for a lot of reasons. And in a few ways, she definitely was. We had a kind of unspoken brotherly/sisterly love. Then, when she graduated high school, she very quickly drifted away, and started getting annoyed at me. At one point, she called me a "drama queen," which I'm still rather upset about. -_-
Once it came time for her to go to college, she left for California (I live in Texas).
But, ultimately, I got over it. I had to stop thinking about her and everything, but it eventually healed over.

Now, in regard to your post...

I am tempted to point out that I am your "Internet Older Brother," but...

Proverbs 18:24
"A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."

So, basically, God is your older brother. Most likely, he's the hole in your heart that you've been longing to fill. So... don't worry about not having an older brother. You've already got one. :)

(and two if you count me)

Izori said...

Hey, you're not alone in your wish for an older brother! I really want one BADLY! But now I've reached the point that if my parents would adopt a boy that was older than me, he would be in his middle/late teens...which would mean he would leave the house soon, anyway. :(

Kendra Logan said...

Wow, the response to this post is great! I never expected so many comments! All of you guys are awesome.

Logan: Very true. I try telling myself that, but...*sigh* easier said than done :)

Probably it clicks so much because of all the "gadgets" and stuff I have going along the side. It's not just your computer, mine does it, too.

Bleah: You WILL get there!! Haha, It's taken me over a year to get this blog going, so no worries. And if you look at other blogs, haha, mine is NOTHING compared to the hundreds of followers there.

Jillian: Well, I had a crush on Him, too :) but it didn't last very long. A couple of months at the beginning of knowing him.

Thanks for offering to pray and being sympathetic. Haha, by now my friends/family just kind of sighs and walks away XD You're very kind.

Haha, my reaction to the "Jesus Big Brother" are about the same, but I'm thinking y'all are right, so I should really look into that more.

Einar: Sounds good. When do we make the switch?

XD Just kidding, of course.

I would love to read some conversations between you and Einar! Haha, I transformed Him into a character, too. I'm pretty sure you know who it is.

KnightWing: Ouch, I feel your pain there. There were times when I did see Him that he dismissed me most obviously like a little kid. That definitely hurt a lot :-/

I'm healing, slowly and I'm not completely there yet, but I am. I'm really glad you've been able to start pushing past it.

I like that verse, and thanks :)

Two older brothers :D

Izori: Same :( *sigh* Oh well.

GracieTheFirst said...

Trust me, dear.
Einar would not make a good older brother. :P

Kendra Logan said...

Gracie: Methinks the lady doth protest too much.


Einar said...

Bah! Ye cut me deep lassie, after all 'th times Ah let ye get 'th flag too!

Dinna listen tae her Kendra, me sisters are all packed up and ready fer sisters need air holes?

GracieTheFirst said...

All the times you LET me get the flag?!
I beg to differ! lol

RFP said...

Hey, I know how you feel (says the person with three brothers)!

Even though I have three brothers I don't even know two of them that well. Aaron was 14 when I was born, moved out four years later to collage.
Jordan was 10 when I was born, so he also left four years later for NCSSM.
Now I can't even really feel comfortable around them, I don't know much about them. Their more like extended family.
I still cry because HIM is leaving too. Him was closest to me because I knew him the can imagine how I felt when he said he was going to NCSSM. I cried the whole night. I know how you feel. *hugs*

We can miss them together.

Why I've always wanted older sister? I wanted someone to understand me. :P

Gabrielle said...

AGH! Sorry, I was on my mom account! lol

That was me by the way! (RFP is my mom!!!)

Lady Brainsample said...

Oh my goodness...I did the SAME THING. Back in the days when I liked to write alot (mostly fanfiction; I'm not very creative) my character would ALWAYS HAVE AN AWESOME OLDER BROTHER. And here I am the oldest in the family, ha ha...

Anonymous said...

I want a younger sister. I have an older sister, but I can't braid her hair and take her hand when crossing the road, nor read to her before going to bed. She's 20.
What can I say? I know how you feel, so *bighug* from me^^