Sunday, August 9, 2009

*mutters and moans*

I'm burning up. *moan* I haven't been able to cool off since lunch. We ate at a pizza place that was way hot, and I haven't cooled down since. *moaaaaan*

And now I also have a headache, and my throat feels funny. *hangs head sadly*

Sorry. I'm in kind of a pitiful mood. I'm going to try to suck it up and move on.

'Kay, so, it's God Day, and I have an idea, but I feel so pathetic, I wouldn't be able to write anything very well anyway.

What I've been doing lately: reading Maximum Ride: Angel Experiment. It was very good. Favorite character: Fang, the strong, silent type. Yay, Fang.

I'm also halfway watching the Hannah Montana "brother-a-thon" and wishing I were Miley Stuart.

OW! I just bashed my elbow on the counter!

*mutters evilly*

Okay, I'm leaving. I have no idea why I feel so crappy, but I'm going to just go get some juice or something and read the next book in the Maximum Ride series.

Sorry for being pathetic :(


Cavender James said...

Hope you feel better Kendra!

Limer said...

yeah I hope you feel better! oh and the second maximum ride book is my favorite... its my favorite series.

Kendra Logan said...

Cavender: Thanks! I felt better later that day.

Limer: Thanks!! I'm reading that one now, and I really like it, too!

LazyKing said...

thats not pathetic, I aggree whenever it's hot, we have headache for hourrrrrs. Thats not cool.
Stay at home with the AC ON

Kendra Logan said...

Thanks, LazyKing! At least I'm not alone.