Monday, August 24, 2009

Advice Day

Today begins the new Days! :O Excited? I am!
Advice Day:
Source: Me
"Promising is for liars. If you're always honest, you don't have to mention it."
Today was interesting. Kind of weird. I don't know why at all, it just was. School went okay. Just weirdly. I finished math in 30 minutes (record time) and only had four wrong.

Tonight I'm going to a revival service at this other church because our church band has been invited to play. At 8 o'clock, I have soccer.

I know this is pretty much the most boring and unemotional post ever, but something is weird with me right now. I feel like a robot or something. Whatever.

I'll post tomorrow if I'm not dead from soccer ;) Just kidding. It's not that bad.

Remember, please, please, PLEASE!! ask as many questions as you can think of (or just one) in a comment for Question Day. Otherwise, there will BE no question day...haha :)


Rochelle Blue said...

thank you for the comment and your welcome =)
all right I have a question: when did you decide you wanted to become a writer? haha =)

Rochelle blue

Mitch said...

I'm Quite interested to see how the new days work out for you, and if their anything like the last they should.

Good Luck


Anonymous said...

Okay, so how many sports do you play?