Thursday, August 13, 2009


NAME DAY!! I'm actually going to do three names: Chandar, Vega, and Levant. Their meanings? Sun, falling star, and moon. Isn't that great? Sun, moon and star! If I decide to use the name Vega for my assassin girl, her brothers will be Chandar and Levant.

I remembered the big thing I wanted tot tell y'all! Remember when I said I was thinking about becoming an actress? And how I might want to do some plays at the community theater coming up? Well, I got a little card in the mail about the play Mulan! The auditions are on the 28th, and I think I'm going to go. I have to sing sixteen bars of a song, and then a short dance combo is going to be taught. My mom says I can sing, and I've been doing dance all my life, so I guess I'm going. I don't think I'm an *amazing* singer, my range isn't very good, but I can sure carry a tune.

I'm super excited. What should I sing? Yikes! Mulan!

I also have poison ivy :'( All over my left ankle. And now my face is itching and there is a bump under my nose. I'M ITCHING EVERYWHERE! AHHH!! *moan* I've had poison ivy before, all over my face. It is NOT FUN, let me tell you. My dad is pretty allergic, and sometimes when he gets poison ivy in one place, he'll break out in all the places he's ever had it. What if that happens to me? What if I get it all over again? WHAT IF IT'S STILL THERE FOR THE AUDITIONS??

Sorry. I freak out about this stuff. (In case you A: haven't figured that out yet or B: don't know me personally.)

So, I found out when soccer practice starts. This Saturday at 10am. *MOAN* I am so out of shape it isn't even FUNNY. I'm going to die. DIE, I TELL YOU. HOW CAN I GET IN SHAPE IN TWO DAYS??

Sorry, sorry. I'm in the freaking out mood today apparently.

Under my nose is REALLY itching...

Harrpy Potter is getting a little better. I don't hate him anymore, and I really, really love Draco Malfoy, just like I thought I would. Evil little cuss >:D

The W Chronicles is going alright, too. I wrote a little of the first series, Woods.

Kieran and Vega tied for the names for my assassin girl (series Wars). I'm setting up another polls just between those two names. Sorry if it seems like this is going on and on.

Picture Day won for the favorite with 6 votes, followed closely by Name Day (yay!) with 5. Quote Day came in next with 3 votes, then God Day at 2 and Challenge Day with 1. Looks like Word Day and Carpe Noctem Day are OUT! Fine by me! But, I do need two days to replace them. I have some ideas, but I'd really like to hear yours. Leave a comment if you would, or email me at as usual. There may be an award for best idea...

So, if you would, vote once more on the poll for the assassin girl's name. Vega (VAY-ga) or Kieran (kee-ERH-in)? And if you have any ideas for what to do in place of Word Day and Carpe Noctem Day, let me know!

Muchas gracias!
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P.S. I also wouldn't mind an occasional prayer about the audition? And the poison ivy...Lol :)


Cavender James said...


Poison ivy SUCKS. I got it all over my face once... Ughhh

Jake M. said...

Awesome about the Mulan play!!!
By the way, the W Chronicles sounds so cool! I think the name Kieran would fit the assasin girl the best.


PS: Poison Ivy!? Yikes! I've gotten it once or twice and it's terrible! *groan*

Kendra Logan said...

Cavender: Yeah!

I know, it does :( We have this special soap, though, and it's helping a little.

Jake M: Thanks! I'm really excited!! Thank you so much for liking the W Chronicles idea! If it ever gets anywhere, I'll be sure to let you know :) Gracias for giving a thought on the name, too.

Yeah, poison ivy does suck. Luckily the special soap is helping, and I haven't noticed any more patches so far...