Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The W Chronicles

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Today I had a giant burst of writing inspiration. Sort of. And it wasn't about "Mirror".

I've had this great idea for a while now, and today I've been fleshing it out more and more. It's really awesome. Well, at least while I'm sitting here all excited it *feels* awesome...And I'm going to tell you about it, too, if you SWEAR not to steal any of it? Promise? Okay, yay, thanks :) ;) :P

It's an idea for a giant series, a series within a series.

The whole thing is called "The W Chronicles", and within that are six mini series, each with four books in it. And all the titles have alliteration (Ex. Benny the Brown Bear Bought a Bike.) They also all corespond to a season. Each mini series has four books, one book for each season, so each series takes exactly a year. And the titles sort of match the seasons.

Each mini series focuses on a main character, and then in the last series of all, Worlds, all the characters from all the different worlds somehow meet together and have to do something that saves all the worlds. Make sense? It's still really sketchy. Some of the books don't even have names yet.

The whole thing is VERY systematic. Each series will all have colors, or directions, or slowly go from broad to narrow. It's hard to explain.

Okay, I'm just going to post it all and see if it makes better sense. But NO STEALING, COPYING, MIMICKING, BEING INSPIRED BY, OR GETTING AN IDEA LIKE THIS. It's not really amazing or anything, I just really want it not to be used before I get the chance to use it myself, you know?

Okay. Here:

The W Chronicles:

1. The Forgotten Forest (Summertime)
2. The Golden Glade (Fall)
3. The White Wood (Wintertime)
4. The Teal Tree (Springtime)

1. The Crimson Creek (Summertime)
2. The Brown Brook (Fall)
3. The Silver Stream (Wintertime)
4. The Rainbow River (Springtime)

1. The Forbidden Fortress (Springtime)
2. The Traitor's Tower (Summertime)
3. The Rusty Room (Fall)
4. Death's Door (Wintertime)

1. The Northerner's Name (Wintertime)
2. The Eastern Entrance (Springtime)
3. The Soutern Shadow(s) (Summertime)
4. The Western Waters (Fall)

1. The Beginning Battle


So???? What do you think? Do you like it? Will it work? Yes? No? Maybe so? Leave a comment or drop me an email ( if you have an oppinion or any ideas about what the unnamed books should be called.

I'm also thinking of switching out some of the specialty posts for other things. Be thinking about which specialty days you especially like and don't like and I'll put a post up soon to decide which ones stay and which ones go.

Quote Day: “It’s a job that’s never started that takes the longest to finish.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Better get started on The W Chronicles!

Carpe diem!


Cavender James said...

I like it... AND it gives me an idea!

Just kidding. :P

Hannah said...

Love it!!! :D

Great idea. Sketchy yeah, but I have this really awesome sketchy plot, and it's fun, because sketchiness gives you freedom to define the lines and shade them in. lol :P