Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Faithful Follower and My Call Backs

FIRST: Thanks to Moon Shaw for following!!! You're awesome.
Second: AWARD DAY!! I will now give an award to a follower. Eventually, everyone should have one.

The first award ever will go to...KREVAN! He hasn't been commenting as much anymore because he's been at his grandparents' house, but in general, he's been one of the most faithful followers and commenters on the blog. Thanks, Krevan, and here's your award for whenever you get back:

Thanks, Krevan!


Okay, so call backs were today. They went okay. Some good things happened, some okay things.

Good thing: More guys came, so now there are actually around EIGHT instead of THREE. Wow ;)

Good thing: I was asked to read the part of an ancestor, and I loved it. I want to be an ancestor now.

Bad thing: I also had to read the part of a Hun, who has one line (I heard him, too, boss. -.-), and is actually going to be a giant puppet for the play. I would just have to do the voice offstage--a guy voice, of course.

Bad/Good thing: A grand total of 29 people auditioned, and there are a grand total of 30 parts in the play. Yeah; everyone will get to be something. Which means that it's not special at all that I will definitely be in the play. (And if I'm not, it'll be a huge slap in the face and not just a "Sorry, there weren't enough parts", LOL!)

Just a thing: I had to read the part of Mulan's grandmother.

So, over all, I really don't know what to think. I guess I feel a little a little disappointed, but I can't really even put my finger on why...*shrug* I'm still glad I'm doing this, and I'm having fun, don't get me wrong. I guess I'm just starting to wonder if practicing six days a week will be worth it if I'm just an offstage Hun.

I know, I know. No small parts, only small actors. Or actresses :)

Other news: ...

Nothing, really. Lots of chores to do today (BLECK!!), I'm going to try to sit down and write, but we'll see.

Oh, we're going to this guy's surprise party. He's turning 90. Yes, NINTY. I don't HAVE to go, but I think I will. I mean, he's a really sweet old guy apparently, and how many surprise parties for 90-year-olds do you get to go to?

I am inviting all of you to come to mine. When I am ninty, I want to see all of you at my party ;)

I think that's about it...


justagirl4god said...

:) That is pretty exciting that you are going to be in it no matter what! :)
So, these guys who turned up... were they a good thing because they were cute? or good actors? or just because they needed more people? hahaha...
:) have a super fabulous day!

Katrien Scarlet said...

Sorry for the capital letters, but it was a really loud moment for me. I've been busy stressing out about school (While you are already back... Right?)

I really need to catch up! I'm glad things seem to be going good for you! Now I need to read the rest that I've been missing and see if my assumption is correct >___<

Kendra Logan said...

Justagirl: Yeah :)

Lol, well, one of them was passably good-looking (lols ;) ) but mostly it was just good because they NEEDED GUYS.

Katrien: Haha, it's perfectly alright. I understand. I hope school doesn't stress you out too much!

Anonymous said...

Hey, wow, thank YOU! I didn't expect that, hehehe. I really like the way you write on your blog.^^