Thursday, August 27, 2009

Character Day! And an Audition Update

It's Character Day just as sure as I'm sitting here in a blue and white striped lounge dress waiting for it to be time to go eat dinner at Chinese for my mom's birthday.

Everyone say happy birthday to my mom! :D
Character Day:

Well, I don't have a lot of time right now (because of going out to dinner), so I can't go into a really deep analysis of anyone. I *can* just tell you a bit about one of my own characters, though. Hmm. Darren or Paige? Darren....or Paige...

I'll go with Paige. I know her better.

1. Story: "The Mirror"
2. Gender: female
3. Home: Greenwood, SC

4. Name: Paige Anastasia Walt
5. Age: now 16!!
6. Birthday: August 19th
7. Family: Mom, Dad, little brother (Trey)

8. Hair color: medium-light brown
9. Hair length: past her shoulders
10. Hair style: slightly layered, straight, easy to work with
11. Eye color: dark blue
12. Facial shape: oval
13. Skin color: Caucasian, slightly pale
14. Height: 5'8"
15. Weight: 127lb
16. Body type: slim, athletic

17. Favorite color: blue
18. Favorite food: potatoes with the works
19. Favorite hobby: reading, hanging out with friends

20. Secretly loves: rap music
21. Secretly hates: the Twilight series
22. Strengths: Strong willed, persistent and logical
23. Weaknesses: tends to believe what she wants to believe
24. Sucker for: babies
25. Irritated by: thoughtless arrogance
26. Wants most: to figure her life out
Well, it's after dinner now. I'm kind of hungry right now, though, because I didn't eat dinner.

*sigh* I know, I know. I gotta tell this now :) It's honestly not a very interesting story, lol.

So, some of you know that I'm allergic to peanuts. Anyway, most of the things on the menu at the Chinese were "peanut such-and-such" or "so-and-so with peanut sauce". -.- So I decided not to risk dying and just didn't eat anything, lol! I honestly wasn't hungry anyway, though, and Chinese isn't really my favorite, so that was okay. I got a soft pretzel at Target later.

Ohh, I have some news about the Mulan audition: I'm not singing "It's Over" anymore, although that was really perfect for my vocal range (as I know it, anyway). Matt ("little brother") and Katie ("little sister)'s mom works with a lady named Roxanne, and Roxanne's husband is the one directing Mulan. So, M&K's mom got some more information about the audition for me, and it turns out that I A: should not sing a guy song (not that "It's Over" is anyway), B: should not sing a group song, and C: should sing something Disney-Channel-esque.

While out eating Chinese of Death and poking around at Target, we went to the CD section and I asked a sale's girl about karaoke stuff. (She was kind of funny. Red hair, lots of makeup, it was her first day in the electronics department. She reminds me so much of someone...who is it??)

We ended up buying a Taylor Swift karaoke CD, and I'm going to sing part of "Teardrops on My Guitar". It was the only song on the CD I knew, and it was the only CD we could find. *shrugs* I can sing some of it, so that's good enough for me (and hopefully the audition people...).

Now I just have to learn the lyrics, learn the timing, figure out how long "16 bars" is, pick a section to sing, get used to doing it without her voice, and practice.

By tomorrow.

*GROAN* Kendra, you sure know how to make your life interesting.

But, hey, anything to entertain my followers, right? ;) Haha, no, stuff like this just happens to me naturally ;D And it's usually my own fault. Like now for example.

*sigh* Well, I need to go read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, which I'm supposed to finish today. No, I have not started. I have so much to do tomorrow it's not even funny. I maybe be doing some work on the weekend :-/

Well, my mom had a good birthday full of waffles for breakfast, her favorite Mocha Java coffee, turkey-bacon-apple-clubs for lunch, Bath and Body Works stress relief bath salt, Dove dark chocolates, a new lounge, nightgown thing, and dinner at Chinese. Hope she had a good birthday :) I think she did.

Love you, Momma <3 :)

Thanks for reading, y'all :)


Katrien Scarlet said...

No one has commented this? I haven't wrapped my head around it entirely, but I must say I would really get along with Paige! I too secretly hate Twilight... And secretly like some rap songs. (Only some though)

I'm late in wishing your mom happy birthday =(
Sounds like it was epic!

Kendra Logan said...

Cool! I'll have to formally introduce you and Paige one day :)

It's okay! I'll tell her anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to your Mummy! :D Hope she enjoyed her day, and it's too bad you are allergic to peanuts. I can't eat them either, but that's for a different reason, hehe.

Kendra Logan said...

I'll tell her you said so!

Yeah, being allergic sucks :-/ Lol!