Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Armoured Heart

Congrats to Cavender and Limer! You didn't get the Guess That Word: Spanish Addition word correct, but you DID it, so you get an award :D


The answer I was looking for is this:

Desconsolado = heartbroken.

All your guesses were VERY close, and pretty much synonomous, but not quite :)

Moving on to Picture Day...

Okay, so, keeping with the Spanish word theme, I just Googled "broken heart" images. I found three AWESOME ones, and I CANNOT chose, so you get three pictures in one day! Woohoo! :)

Aren't those so cool?? I thought so. I really want to go into detail about them, actually, but I'll just do the first one.

This heart is shattering, but notice that not all the way through. The heart is three dimentional and only the outer armour is coming off, exposing the bare, red heart. As tragic as the picture looks, if you think about it, it's actually not. At least, not necessarily.

This could be a picture of at least two different and opposite things: it could symbolize a person with a lot of reservations, who has trouble giving his/her heart away. Then, along comes someone very special who helps to shatter than tough exterior and help him/her fall deeper in love without all the barriers.

It could also portray a broken and wounded heart. A heart that's been hurt deep down, and over a long time, a scab has grown over the heart, a scab, a protective shell. Then, suddenly something reminds the heart of the one it love, and suddenly the scab is torn off, exposing the painful wounds.

I tend to think it's the first option. Look at the stars sparkling around. It really doesn't seem like such a depressing picture.

Then you have that thing in the upper left-hand corner... What is that?

I think it's a tiny Earth.

Then that sort of makes the case for both options, I think. Having the Earth so small and far away could be portraying loneliness, or it could be portraying being so in love, that worldly cares are far away.

What do you think? Leave a comment and tell me!

Hmm, wow, that was a little deep, haha! I really like all the pictures, but the eye might be my favorite. Or maybe the armoured one...it's a tie. Which is your favorite?

**CHALLENGE** Comment or email me (livinglovinglaughinglearning@gmail.com) what you think one of the pictures means, and/or which is your favorite. There might be an award in this for you... ;)

Today I got to see my wonderful favorite Aunt Susan. She's so much fun. Almost scattered, by so very dear and fun. I just love her.

Well, that's all for now, folks!

Carpe diem!

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Cavender James said...

One question. I don't understand; how are the pictures keeping with the Spanish theme?

Lizzy said...

Oh, well, not exactly with the Spanish theme, just keeping with the hearkbroken theme, I guess.

Kendra Logan said...

Sorry, that was me on Lizzy's account.

Cavender James said...

Okay. :)
That makes more sense!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thoughts. I am interested in Spanish ideas and things. Thanks for the discussion of the broken heart. I wonder what is the real cure for a broken heart?

Terry Finley