Friday, August 7, 2009

Back-To-School Clothes + Photographer Sister = This

So, I got some new clothes, new books, new hat, and new shades, and asked Lizzy to take a picture of me for the blog and for Facebook. Well...we went photoshoot crazy :)

Today we went back-to-school shopping, and dropped by the bookstore. YAY!! Usually I don't like shopping all day, but this was surprisingly enjoyable. My style is slightly and slowly changing to something along the lines of punk rock. Not so much in this outfit in the pictures, though.

We had Katie ("little sister") with us today because her usual babysitter had a job interview. That was pretty fun. We got to fool strangers into thinking we had another sister. We're such sly dogs ;P

Lizzy and I also started having really similar tastes in clothes. We would walk through the store and pick out stuff, and then when we met back up, we'd have the same exact things. It was freaky.

Other than a really fun shopping "spree", nothing happened today. It's Challenge Day, but I'll just let the challenge be to get through looking at the pictures of me without grimacing ;)


Crescentise said...

The clothes look wonderful, Kendra. I'm amazed at how pretty you are too. I don't know a lot of pretty people. I hope that doesn't sound creepy, but I guess being creepy is part of my personality. I don't mean to be freaky, I promise.

I'm not good with shopping trips. I would love them on my own with a decent amount of money, but someone always ends up tagging along and dragging to me where they want to go... while my favourite shops all shoot past.

My dress sense is pretty odd. I depicted an outfit of mine in a picture I made in Photoshop CS3 and then uploaded on Facebook. You can look if you want, but it's pretty crappy.

... ~

Kendra Logan said...

Aw, wow! Thank you so much! I don't really think I'm pretty. I don't hate myself or anything, I just don't think of myself as being the pretty type. Thank you :)

It's not creepy, I know what you mean. It's hard to say anything nowadays without it being misconstrude as "awkward", you know?

I saw the picture! I didn't have time to comment though. I don't remember what I was doing...I like your sense of style! It's really unique--in the good way!

justagirl4god said...

:) Awesome... shopping is SO much more fun when you have like-minded girl-friends/sisters to shop with...
Have fun with all the preparations for school!

Cavender James said...

Kendra, HOW do you not think you're pretty?!?! you are MOST CERTAINLY the "Pretty type"! You're silly. Love the clothes, love the hat.

Cavender James said...
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