Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Life, the Pscho Mystery Story?! was...weird to say the least. Wow. Just really weird.

The weirdness started last night. I mean, I guess. I don't remember. Which is the weirdest part! Okay, so apparently last night went just like any other night pretty much. I went to bed, and then read Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports for a really, really long time. I went to the bathroom right before turning off the light, and on my way back to my room, I heard this creepy hissing noise, so real and so close that my blood ran cold. I whirled around, hoping I wouldn't actually see anything, but in the middle of the big downstairs room, is a tall something. More blood running cold. The thing hissed again, and this time it sounded like, "Hey."

It was Lizzy.

I was pretty ticked off at her for freaking me out. I was only half conscious anyway because I'd been reading Max like a fiend trying to get as far into it as I could before I passed out asleep. My mind was working in creepy ways, going about bird kids and mutants and evil scientists and sneaky Erasers and junk like that, so having Lizzy sneaking around the house at night really didn't help the situation much.

But, I digress.

I went to sleep after a while of lying in bed, wondering why I was still awake. When I finally went to sleep, I had millions and millions of very fast, very flashy, very creepy, very intense dreams. They had to do with everything from twin brothers who fought to air vents flying off to big spiders to my friend Gabrielle evangelizing. And a **TON** of stuff that I can't clearly remember.

I woke up with a jolt, kind of warm and cozy and disoriented. Then, my stomach hurt like crap. Not like I was gonna be sick, like someone was cutting open my insides. It hurt really bad. But I must have dozed off again because I woke up when my mom came in and opened the blinds saying, "I'm so sorry, I forgot, you have soccer practice at 10 and it's five till right now." I opened my eyes and was once again greeted by the knife-in-the-gut sensation.

"My stomach hurts," I said. My mom was sympathetic, but still kind of hurrying me to get to soccer. I went to the bathroom, but my stomach still hurt really bad. I wondered if my mom had overslept or something since she and my dad hadn't gotten back until really late the night before. They'd been helping at a wedding rehearsal and hadn't gotten back until 12:34. Funny time, isn't it?

Well, my stomach was still slicing itself up even as I tried to get ready for soccer. It really hurt, and I didn't think I'd be a very good addition to the team, so I ended up calling the coach and leaving a message explaining why I didn't go to practice.

After a while, my stomach felt better, and I read some Max (finished it actually) before lunch.

The day went on pretty usual from there. Lots of reading and talking, though no computer at all, which was weird.

At 4:45 I started getting ready to go to this wedding we had to go to tonight (I just got back from it). I put on my new dress (you saw it yesterday) and all that good stuff. We went to the wedding. On the way, I started having really weird feelings about my parents getting home so late. It almost seemed like they didn't get home late, and that was just a dream. I had dreamed so much...I couldn't be sure. So, I asked.

"What time did you guys get home last night? Was it really late?"

Daddy sort of shrugged, eyes on the road. "It was a little after 8, I guess." He turned to my mom. "Wouldn't you say?" She agreed.

For the second time that day, my blood ran cold. What?? They hadn't gotten home at 12:34? But...but I had been so sure! I remember it! I remebered them--Wait, I remembered them coming home at 12:34, but I didn't remember anything else...

"Uhm, so you didn't come home at 12:34?" I asked. Daddy frowned.

"Uh, no," he said. I was getting a little weirded out.

"Oh....'kay...Well, what did we do last night?" I asked.

The whole family kind of looked at me.

"Momma and Daddy brought home those strawberry popsicle things..." Lizzy prompted. That faintly ran a bell...

"We watched about an hour of What Not to Wear," my mom reminded me.

"And that new episode of Phineas and Ferb," Daddy said.

I know I was looking at them like they were speaking Russian, but I didn't remember any of that! They had to be kidding me. Or maybe I was kidding me...but how can you kid yourself?

"You don't remember this?" Daddy asked. I stared at him and shook my head. He went on, "I was downstairs in the unfinished part of the basement, trying to fix the air conditioning? You said goodnight to me, then went into your room and closed the door?"

I frowned and nodded slowly, "Now that you mention it, I remember that."

My mom nodded. "Is it starting to come back now?"

Still, frowning, I had to answer, ", not really."

They didn't seem nearly as alarmed about this whole thing as I was.

The wedding was beautiful, and the food was good, but I didn't get enough, so I'm still hungry, which for some reason is the best feeling to me. One of my favorite feelings is to be really tired and really hungry when I'm going to bed in the summer. I have NO IDEA why.

I also have no idea what happened last night, or why I had such insane, fast-flashing dreams, or why I don't remember anything that happened last night except strawberry popsicles and my dad fixing the air conditioning. I'm kind of scared.

Why can't I remember that random little piece of time?

Did the dreams mean anything?

Will I remember what happened tonight when I wake up?

Did my stomach pains this morning have anything to do with it all?

I know this probably sounds like some insane mystery book and not at all like real life, but that's me for you, I guess. Even though this is creepy and freaky, it's kind of...well...exciting, too. I hope this turns out to be something really awesome and not just a random brain fart or something. Hmm...

But then again, I hope it's not something serious, like brain failure...

Just keep me in your thoughts...and hopefully tonight will keep itself in my thoughts, too...


Cavender James said...

That's so cool, freaky, weird, and sad at the same time.

Weird! XD

I had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, by the way... >:D

GracieTheFirst said...


Thats a bit scary.

Kendra Logan said...

Cavender: Yeah, I agree.

Lols :)

Gracie: It is.