Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fact...or Fiction?

Weird Fact Day!

*GASP* I just had a better idea!! :O :O :O What if I change this to Fact or Fiction Day, and you have to guess whether or not the fact is, uh, Fact or Fiction! First person to guess it right gets an award, and everyone who guesses at all gets and award, too.


Fact or Fiction? In Missouri, a man must have a permit to shave.

(No fair Googling it -.-)
Today Lizzy and my dad and I went shopping for my mom's birthday, which is tomorrow. We got some good stuff, but I didn't quite finish all my school work because of the shopping trip. But, hey, for my mom, it's worth it :)

My mom is one of those people who tries to do everything, and is good at everything, too. She speed-walks seven (I think) miles every day, comes home, works out, then homeschools Lizzy and sort of me, and does her job, which is being the state manager for the company Classical Conversations. She's also really involved at church, including singing in the church band.

She's also an amazing speaker. She's inspirational, and clear. She helps people see the big picture, and how they can get there.

She's good at pretty much every subject in school (physics isn't really her thing, though). She's a great mom, as well as being a great person in general. Happy almost-birthday, Momma!

If she even read that. Which I doubt :P

Anyway, life is pretty good at the moment. Can't really complain, I guess.

I started watching Disney's Alice in Wonderland for the first time in eleven years yesterday. It's not a little kid's movie at all! It's really quite thought-provoking if you want to get into all the symbolism and questions asked. The idea of a world where everything is nonsense in itself has incredible discussion possibilities.

We're reading the book this year in school, and I can't wait to discuss it.

XD I'm such a nerd.

There hasn't been much writing action lately. I've had lots of ideas, but nothing has made it onto paper, or the computer screen, yet.

I have two things to remind you of:

1. Followers Say...On Carpe Noctem is coming up in September! Let me know if you want to do it.

2. Questions for Question Day are always welcome ;)

I hope I don't sound like a broken record...

Anyway, if you want to guess whether the fact is Fact or Fiction, leave a comment! Thanks for reading, y'all! You're the best.




I just did the tag that Bethany tagged me in, and now it's not showing up. I am not kidding. I just spent like twenty minutes on it, and it's, like, deleted. *ISMADISMADISMAD*

Sorry, Bethan, but I don't feel like doing it again right this sec. I'll do it later.

*moan* Blogger can be so retarded.


Cavender James said...

Hahaha, you'ze a nerd. I'm gonna take a random guess and say True.

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree about the Blogger-retardation thing, also...

GracieTheFirst said...

Emmm. I'm going to say False.
Just cause I can. LOL

Kendra Logan said...

Thanks, y'all! I'll announce the winners tomorrow :) You guys rock!

And questions for Question Day, by the way? XD Just checking.

Bethany said...

Oh goodness. Blogger can seriously suck.
That's okay, hehe. I hate it when I type something out and it's gone, I can never achieve quite the level of brilliance again!

Kendra Logan said...

Exactly! :)

Anonymous said...

Cheer up! Blogger is in computer, it's not intelligent... so I guess it's not its fault.
And I think that is fact. And I'm taking a wild guess, because if I believe it's fiction and then it's a fact... but well, whatever. Fact.
And I really, really like Lewis Carroll's books. He has such a wit and so much intelligence. He was a mathematician as well as a writer.