Monday, August 3, 2009

Vets, Colds, and Computers

First things first: followers are the greatest! I only wish my retarded computer would load the page so I could see who my fortieth follower WAS. *growls* I can't quite remember their name. It's like just4god or something...*moan* I'm sorry I can't properly recognize you! If the page will load for anyone else, please tell me who follower number 40 is, will you? Thanks, and thanks just4god or whatever for following! Yay! 40 followers! I never thought I'd see the day.

Second things second: Word Day! And my word is: desconsolado.

First person to explain that to me gets an award. We all know it will be Cavender, but let's wait and see for sure.

Third things third: Today was okay. Mostly. I finished the Da Vinci Code, which was *very* good, took my dog to the vet, ran out of tissues for my cold, had a rough afternoon, ate a great dinner, watched Wizards of Waverly Place with the family, ate a slice of pizza, pretzels, and a Go-Gurt, then here I am. And my chin is itching...hopefully it isn't poison ivy.

So, basically, I have a cold, my dog has a double ear infection, I'm too full, and I thought about Him a lot today.

Still had a good day. My chin itches.

Last night at like midnight, I wrote like a page and a half of "Mirror". It's okay. It's a little more formal than the rest of the book, though. Weird. My writing style kind of tends to mimic whatever I'm reading at the moment, and The Da Vinci Code is written with slightly bigger-than-usual words, so I guess that's rubbing off on me.

We finally got a new router for the computer! Yay! It was going great until like...just now. Great. It's SLOWER THAN MOLASES again. We have such rotten computer luck.

Oh, I also have a new gadget, the page-hit counter! I started it at 1000, because I figure in the year I've had this blog, surely it must have been visited that many times. I was going to start at 100 instead, but I accidentally clicked "finish" or whatever before I had the chance.

Gracias to everyone who liked my eye yesterday, lol! Lizzy's amazing with cameras.

I hate how boring I am today. I'm sorry.


Cavender James said...

*Sigh* Spanish word. Means "Disconsolate" Also the name of a city in either Mexico or Ecuador, I think.

Kendra Logan said...

Close, and probably so by some translators, but that's not the word I was looking for.

justagirl4god said...

Hey! This is justagirl4god (also known as Rachael...) :) and I am the elusive 40th follower! :)
God bless!

Limer said...

so I got a few questions, how do you get a slice of go-gurt? and How do you get Poison Ivy on your chin?

oh and that word means Looking sad and Distressed

Kendra Logan said...

justagirl4god: Oh, hey! Thanks! Lol, sorry about that.

Limer: Oh...a slice of Go-Gurt? Is that what I said? *goes back and reads post* I didn't say that! Lol :P

I have no idea how I got poison ivy on my chin...if that's what it is...

Very close to the word, but not *quite*. The meaning I'm looking for might be a little elusive...if you have any guesses in English, try Googling them looking for the Spanish translation. Maybe that will work better.

Cavender James said...

Last try. Forlorn, woebegone, crestfallen, melancholy, wretched, inconsolable, downcast, doleful...

Kendra Logan said...

Ahh, you're *so close*!

But no.

You and Limer both get an award anyway, because you actually TRIED. I'll post the answer when I post in a sec.