Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days! It's just been kind of busy, and I haven't felt like posting.

Today was fun! Daniel (14), Emily (12), and Caleb (10) came over to swim in the lake. Unfortuantely, it rained a lot, so at first we were trapped inside playing Monopoly (that lasted about ten minutes), and Break the Safe (we actually made it through the whole game). After lunch, we went down to the lake, and had LOTS of fun. We flipped the giant tube over, and played king of the hill a little. I barely played. I figure my chances of winning were slim and none since I can't even knock Matt ("little brother", age almost-13) off anymore. I did knock Caleb off once, though. Watching big-brother-little-brother interaction is always kind of hard for me, but I like it still. It just reminds me of how things used to be, and how things have changed.

It was just a lot of fun. I love hanging out with them.

Other than that, I've been keeping my room pretty clean (I know, I know, I marked THAT day on the calender), packing my new pink and charcoal backpack with school stuff, and reading "Beowulf", which I should have started earlier. Like, maybe seventh grade. It's amazing how much the English language has changed over the years.

The old English isn't too bad to read, not after Shakespeare last year, but the names are awful! I can't pronounce but three of them, and almost all of them begin with H! Haelfdene, Halga, Hrothgar, Heorogar, Heoro, the list go on and freakin' on! It's crazy! *moan* But I'm gettin' through it. Somehow.

"The W Chronicles" character sketches and outlines are going pretty well. I'm starting to really like Tyler (she's a girl, just so you know). She's kind of a cool character. I'm also trying not to start crushing on my own guy characters. *sigh* That tends to happen kind of a lot. Not really with Darren, surprisingly. He's more of a brother-feeling character to me. Paige is more of a daughter almost. The character (of my own) that I had the biggest crush on was this guy named Jayden. Man, he was awesome. I mean, the writing isn't anything amazing, I just really love his character. That hasn't changed over the years. I still fall for the same kind of character.

I'm listening to "Had a Bad Day", chipmunk version. Love it.

I'm also reading the first Harry Potter (have I said that before?). Honestly, so far, I don't even like it. I'm on chapter, like, three, but I just can't get into it. It's too cartoony and I can't stand Harry. Maybe it'll get better as I read on. It's weird, though, because this used to be the kind of thing I'd just eat up. Guess I've changed...

Now I'm watching Michael Jackson's Thriller video. The special effects are so good considering how old this thing is. Haha, I love the part where I flashes over to the theater, and everyone is cringing except Michael, who's eating popcorn and grinning. Lols :) And I love the part where he asks, "You were scared, weren't you?" and his girlfriends is like, "I wasn't that scared." And she walks off. And Michael kind of giggles and is like, "*hehe* You were scared..." Just watch it: Too bad he changed and got all weird.

Omg, this made me cry this time. I don't even know why. Something seems different or something. The song "The Call" from the movie Prince Caspian? Do you know it? I don't know why, but this time, it felt really...I don't know. It just made me cry. And I don't usually cry anymore, so that was weird. Here:

Anyway, um...I had so much to say, but now I can't remember any of it! Oh well.

OHHHHHHH, DUH! Today is Quote Day! And I need to do Picture Day and Word Day, too.

Quote Day: "But just because they can't feel it too, doesn't mean that you have to forget." a line in "The Call."

Picture Day:

What is this a picture of? My opinion? Change. Yours? Comment or email me.

Word Day: Change. Is it good or bad? Sometimes one, sometimes the other. The Call: "Just because everything's changing, doesn't mean it's never been this way before."

Lots to think about, guys. Listen to The Call. It's such an amazing song. The lyrics are in the description if you click "more info". I recommend it.

P.S. It looks like the names Kieran and Vega are winning for the name of my assassin girl, and Word Day and Carpe Noctem Day are going to be kicked out! Disagree? GO VOTE!


Cavender James said...

The picture... To me... Looks like a thermal image of an air current... So uncreative, I know. But still.

That song WAS pretty awesome, but I didn't feel the emotional part that much. Maybe it's just me.

THIS song made me cry though:

Ellie B... said...

that song was very...touching. I really liked it. I din't cry...but..whetever. Anyway that pc looks like an ocean...and kinda change too. I mean to change u go with flow like the ocean. And it looked like a wave about to crash. So I guess to me it looked like change about to happen.

Rachel M. said...

What beautiful colors used in the picture. To me, in my opinion, it looks like a wave slowly coming in to the seashore.

God bless! and I pray that you have a wonderful school year. :)

Love and blessings in Him,
Rachel M.

Kendra Logan said...

Cavender: Lols, okay.

It's not you, it's probably just me, haha!

I'll listen to that song later today!

Ellie B: Lol :) Ooh, change about to happen! I like that one.

Rachel M: I love the colors, too! I'm thinking of making that picture my desktop wallpaper...

Thank you! Same to you.