Friday, June 12, 2009

Challenge and Update

Hi! It's sooo good to be home! And guess what? I'm here for almost a whole week before I have to leave town again! I won't be going to a practicum this time, I'll be going to this camp thing with my friend Brianna. It's kind of a mini-weekend thing. Thursday-Saturday. It sounded really fun, so I told her I would go. Yay!

This practicum was okay. I'm not nearly as tired after this one, so that's a giant plus. Also, the house we stayed at was *GORGEOUS* and the people were *AWESOME AND NICE*. The only real bad things were that I worked in Logic camp and ended up hating it, and one of the helpers IRRITATED ME TO NO END.

I thought I would LOVE logic, you know, but it turns out I hate working with 9-13 year olds. Hate it. I don't know why, but the 9 to 11 year olds are all brats, and the upper 11-13 year olds are all boring. *shrugs*

And then one of the helpers just got on my nerves. He was so weird. And VERY immature. And he was sort of mean to this other little helper. And he was just SOOOOOO immature!! GOSH! Lol :)

When we got home today, we chilled for an hour, then ate a quick supper and went to a play that this guy from our church is in. The play was "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat". I love that play! I had seen it once before when the Broadway version came through, and then we have the Donny Osmond version on DVD.

The play was so good! Joseph was good. He had super curly hair, and he was a good singer. The narrator was AMAZING though. Even better than the one that travels with the Broadway version (my mom and I saw that a year or so ago). The show was really well done. There weren't many props, but somehow everything was still elaborate...I don't know how to describe it. Some of the brothers were around my age, so it was cool to see that.

NEW THING: I want to be an actress.

Not because I saw this play or anything like that, though. It's something I've been wanting to do for a month or so now. I don't know how serious the desire is. I mean, I REALLY want to be an actress right now, but the urge came on so quickly; I'm sure it could disappear equally quickly. The funny thing is, four different people tonight told me I should act in one of the next plays. Maybe it's a God thing? I don't know.

I am going to looking into *maybe* doing "Mulan" and/or "The King and I". I would just audition and then take whatever part I got. As long as it was a girl. Some girls in "Joseph" had to play guys, and I am NOT doing that, lol!

Back to "Joseph". I love that Bible story. It is my absolute FAVORITE. There are a few reasons for that, but I want to see if anyone can guess the main one. Just curious. I know some of you will if you're reading this (*cough* EllieBandGabrielleandLizzy *cough*), but I want to see if anyone surprises me.

Since this is Friday, that will be the Challenge: Figure out why the story of Joseph is Kendra's favorite Bible story.

If you don't know the story that well, here's a condensed (REALLY, *sadly* condensed) version.

Well, even though I'm not AS tired, I'm still pretty worn-out, so I'll just say a couple more things:


And I would like to point out the results of the "Star Trek" poll about whether or not you liked it. Well, only two options had any votes for them: the "I haven't seen it option" and the "I LOVED IT" option. Therefore (of the people who voted), if you saw it, you loved it! SO GO SEE IT!

Okay. I'm done.

Good night.

Quel du.

Carpe diem.

Over 'n' out.


Anonymous said...

quel andune ;]
it's cool you enjoyed yourself, and you're going to watch start trek again =D

Kendra Logan said...

I went crazy when I read that, lol! Le quena i'lambe tel' Eldali?

Thanks, and yeah! I hope it'll work out... :)

Anonymous said...

n'uma... amin hiraetha

Kendra Logan said...

No, it's fine! It's awesome to find someone who knows it at all!! I don't know much either, to be honest. I just started learning a couple of weeks ago.

Care to take a stab at the Challenge?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kendra!
Independant rebel, eh?
That's exactly what I mean!
We all have an independant rebel in us, so to speak, and God says for wives to submit to their husbands.
I am NOT saying we are inferior, in any way - but we are different, and it is the husband's job to protect and look out for us.

Kendra Logan said...

Yay! It sounds like we have *exactly* the same ideals then! :)

Kendra Logan said...

Although, I'm still not sure how literal I want to take the total submission thing... ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't, sorry to disappoint you ^_^" I just took the time to google it
there are many things that could make this story your favourite, and I don't know you well so I can't but guess randomly... I'll go for the fact that joseph had NINE onlder brothers...

Kendra Logan said...

*ding ding ding* We have a winner ;) Wow, first guess! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

XD cool! thanks