Monday, June 1, 2009

Driving with God

So far this has been a really strange morning. But good strange. I think.

I woke up a little before eight, which wasn't exactly ideal since I was planning on being out until at least nine and I'd had a bad night's sleep. It was one of those nights when you just keep waking up all tangled in the sheets every hour or so. *moan* But I couldn't get back to sleep, and it was a really beautiful day, so I just opened the blinds and read in the bed for a while. At nine, I went upstairs and said good morning to my mom, came back downstairs and put on some ripped jeans, and went out to weed my little garden. I was in an uncharacteristically good mood.

My garden is doing REALLY well! Nothing is eating the leaves, everything looks very healthy, and they growing like...well, weeds, lol! I'm growing nine tomatoe plants, three red pepper plants, and four squash and zucchini plants.

I got all the little weeds out in like ten minutes and came back inside. I got dressed, made my bed, straightened up my room, and then--you might wanna sit down for this--I did my laundry.

I KNOW! I actually did it without being nagged for days on end!

Then, I ate a bowl of cereal, and came down here and started checking emails and blogs and stuff.

Oh, what a beautiful morning.

Only now I'm all stuffed up and sneezing because my mom made me sweep outside. *shudders* I don't mind sweeping the front walk and porch, but the back patio is really big with tons of beams where spiders string their webs all over. And those giant misquito things are all over. I HATE THOSE THING!! They're actually called the "crane fly", but they look just like enormous misquitos. EEEEEK! If I had to pick one bug to become exstinct, that would be the one I'd pick. Pictures:


Anyway, time for my Bible thing that I missed yesterday:
Okay, I actually came up with this on my own; I didn't hear it in youth group or anything.

It occured to me during driver's ed driving that driving with the instructor is a little bit like living life with God.

Now, I'm not saying that my instructor was all-powerful or anything, haha. It's just that the situation is kind of familiar.

I mean, we just live our lives, making our own decisions. (I drive around, controlling the turns, and stuff like that.) For the most part, God will leave us alone and let us do our own thing. (The instructor gives guidlines, but he lets me drive and make my own little mistakes.) But, I know that if I get into real trouble, God won't let me down. He's always there with his "emergency break" ready to save the day if things get out of hand.

Practice driving really is a lot like life with God. God tells us what he thinks we should do, the best routes to take, and when to start breaking. Sometimes we listen, but sometimes we think we know better than God. Of course, when we try our own way, and God lets us, it usually doesn't turn out quite like we thought it would, and God ends up gently taking the wheel or applying the break in order to save our butts.

There's also that trust thing going on. At first, I was really nervous about driving, and I always double-checked what the instructor was saying. He would tell me the way was clear, but I would always look anyway just to see for myself. At first, that's how we are with God. We want to trust him and everything, but it's like, "Um, yeah, let me just make sure that fits with MY plan...". By the last day of driving, the instructor could just say, "Move over into the left lane" and I would immediately flick on the turn signal, even if I didn't see the lane change yet.

That's how we should get with God. Just totally trusting him to know what's best for us--because he does! God loves us, and he's always looking out for our best interests. He lets us make our own mistakes, but he'll always be there to help us out when things get crazy.
On Wednesday, I'll be leaving to go to a practicum. That's this three day workshop kind of thing that's for Classical Conversations, the homeschooling program I do. A bunch of people who do Classical or who want to can come and hear people speak about it. It's really organized and all that stuff. My mom is one of the main speakers (she's awesome ;D), and I'm going to help in the camps.

There are four different camps that the moms (or dads) who are coming to the practicum can leave their kids at. Last year I helped in the 6-8 year olds in ArtGeo camp, which is pretty much what it sounds like: Geography disguised as Art. This year, I'm going to help in the 9-13 year olds camp. Their camp changes every year. Last year it was Trig (trigonometry), so I was like, hahahahaha NO. But this year it's going to a Logic camp, so I was like YESSSSSSS!!! Logic was one of my favorite classes in Challenge B (eighth grade). I love it.

So, anyway, what I was trying to say is this: we're leaving on Wednesday, and the practicum is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That pretty much means that I won't be able to post from Thursday until Sunday. :( I'm going to miss Name Day. Darn. But, I just wanted to let y'all know that so when it looks like I've fallen off the face of the Earth, you can know that I haven't; I'm just helping 9-13 year olds with Ps and Qs and hypothetical syllogisms :D

I am a nerd.

And I don't mind :P

Maybe I'll do the Name on Wednesday or something. *shrugs*

Well, I'll be going now! Talk to you later! Carpe diem! Get outside! It's gorgeous! (At least it is here...)


Anonymous said...

I hate crany flies... they're actually worse than mosquitos. but if I could pick a bug to become extinct it wouldn't be the crane fliy. they are annoying, but they belong to the relatively small group of bugs than don't disgust me

I can't say the view is gorgeous here... but it never is. from my appartment's windows all I can see is roads, ugly buildings and a few scattered trees. it's much prettier at my grandparents'. it's pretty hot here, though

Kendra Logan said...

*shudder* Eek, I just can't stand them!! Lol!

Oh, that's too bad :( I've always lived in the country. Well, sort of the country. I mean, it's not completely in the middle of nowhere, but it's not a city by any means! It's been hottish for the past couple of days here, too. YAY!!

Anonymous said...

where I live is a city, but it's kind of rural... there are fields everywhere and there are many more houses than... buildings (I don't know the word for it: a building like a house, but usually bigger and with many appartments... O.o). still, it's ugly because of all the buildings (which are ugly) and roads... there are pretty cities and towns, but this one isn't

Limer said...

We have A TON of moths in our house right now. Like 100, literally. So all of our rooms are moth-infested. The worst ones are my sisters rooms. They are on the upper-level so they get so many moths up there.
I guess you're right that really is how we should be with God.

Anonymous said...

moths disgust me a little >_<