Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm so happy right now. Really. I can't even describe the feeling of joy and peace and a day well spent that I feel. Nothing particularly amazing happened, I'm just feeling really good.

We went to the pool today with David (age fourteen) and Daniel (age almost-sixteen). I wore my new bathing suit, and I hated it at first. It's kind of low, especially for me, and I felt so self-conscious it wasn't even funny. I didn't have any fun at all for the first couple of hours. Then, I started to get used to the suit, and realized that I COULD actually do stuff in it without it totally flying off. That's when the fun began. After I got over myself, things were just like old times, only better because we all trust each other even more than we did last year. We did all kinds of fun and slightly WEIRD stuff. We made a human pyramid (sort, held each other (I held Lizzy, Daniel held me, and then David held Daniel), and the boys threw me and Lizzy. I go pretty far :D

It was just a total blast. It was like having brothers for a day, which is always awesome. I'm totally comfortable around the Ds. They're like family. It was just such a fun day!!

We probably would have all gone over to someone's house, but D 'n' D's dad had something planned or something. Lizzy and I are going to watch the Disney channel premier of "Princess Protection Program" tonight :) We're also having frozen pizzas and goldfish. This day just keeps getting better and better.

I really must be the luckiest girl in the world.

Thanks for listening to all that ridiculously happy stuff :) Now, carpe diem! No looking back, only forward. It doesn't matter what happened yesterday or last year, there is only today, only now. This is the only June 26th 2009 you're ever going to get, so make the best of it.

[Weird fact: did you know Michael Jackson invented the dance "the robot"? I didn't know that. Cool, huh?]

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