Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lost: One Beautiful, Red LG Shine Cell Phone

I'm back and fully functional!

I'm gonna do the lovely Name Day stuff before I jump into the recap of my life :)


Name of the Day:


How cool is that? I really love that name. I can't remember where I heard it...maybe I read it somewhere...At any rate, I haven't looked up the meaning yet, so let's see...




"The name 'Cavender' is not in any of our records."

"We're sorry, the name 'Cavender' could not be found."

"No information on 'Cavender'."


That is...creepy.

Apparently, to the rest of the world, the name "Cavender" does not exist. This is really very odd indeed...that's never, ever happened before.

And I can't remember where I heard that name! All I remember is that I heard it and had to go do something really fast, so I jotted the name down on a Sticky Note so I wouldn't forget it.

Wow, that is so odd.

Anyway, sorry. That wasn't much of a name for Name Day without a meaning, but whatever.

Back to my life :)
The practicum went great(ly)! It was the perfect ammount of tiring, difficult, and fun. There were some really great kids, and then some ones I hope I never see again ;) Just kidding (mostly).

I worked with Daniel in ArtGeo (6-8 year olds), which turned out to be fun. We ended up doing a lot of stuff because there were only the two of us as helpers. I like that better than having, like, four helpers. When there are too many helpers, no one gets to do anything.

I got asked if Daniel was my older brother six times. MADE. MY. DAY. Hey, if I can't actually have an older brother, I can at least have someone close enough to confuse little children.

Since this practicum was pretty close to our house, we didn't have to stay at someone's house or at a hotel. We just drove the forty-five minute distance every day (which was fine). But, we had to be the host family for two families who lived too far away to drive every morning.
Family one: Mom, Denise; daughter, Hannah (age twelve). There's more to their family, but only them came to the practicum.
Family two: Mom, Ginny; daughter, Kirstin (age eleven); daughter, Michelle (age nineteen). Again, more to the family, but only they came.

My little sister, Lizzy (age twelve), Hannah, and Kirstin already knew each other, so I knew that it would be an interesting three days having all three of them in the same house. Nothing could have prepared me for the endless hugging, fighting, bickering, laughing, screaming, tickling, complaining, bugging, loving, wildness of those three.

The first night, it took them about thirty seconds to warm up to each other, and then they were immediately really giggly, really loud, and really annoying (sorry, but it' the truth). I came downstairs and got on the computer to try to write, and they kept trying to read over my shoulder -_- Then, they kicked me off because they wanted to look at the songs on Lizzy's iTunes.

I went upstairs to watch some TV. I got really into the program, and they come barrelling up the stairs and say, "We want to watch a movie, so you have to leave." You see, we have two TVs in the house, but only one DVD player. I was like, "Uh, no." So, they got mad, but they left. Then, twenty minutes later, THEY'RE BACK and they decide to watch TV WITH me -_- They talk a lot during TV and movies.

The next day at breakfast, I just didn't even say anything. I knew if I opened my mouth, I was going to snap someone's head off. I was in a really bad mood, but I was controlling it because I knew I would have the whole forty-five minute car ride to listen to my iPod in the front seat of our van.

Well, I was in the front seat preparing to fire up my iPod when Daddy comes out and says, "I need you to stay and ride with Mrs. Denise so you can lock up the house." I'm like, "You're kidding right?" So, I get out, slam the car door for all I'm worth, and wait around for Mrs. Denise to get ready to leave.

Moments later, she's ready and we drive to the church where the practicum is.

The rest of the day was great!

It comes time to leave, and the prospect of riding home with the Giggling Three is too much at the end of a day filled with bratty six-year-olds and eating nasty turkey sandwiches with no pepper, so I ask Mrs. Keri if I can ride home with them. Mrs. Keri is David and Daniel (a.k.a. my "brothers")'s mom. They were coming over to our house for a cookout anyway, so that worked out great. An hour or so with the boys was just what I needed to give me a break from the girls.

The cookout was lots of fun, and it was the most delicious ever. We had perfectly seasoned grilled chicken, rolls, red and green peppers and onions that were seasoned and grilled, and the best spicy seasoned fries ever. WOW, it was good :)

Day 3 of the practicum was fine, but tiring. By the end, I was half glad it was all over and half sad because I really do love working with kids.

We came home after eating out on Day 3 and watched "Star Wars: Episode 5".

That's when I noticed my cell phone was missing.

My first heart-pounding, panicked thought is, "Well, I'll just call it." But, whoops, I forgot; IT DIED.

I racked my brain for when I was sure I had it: in the afternoon at ArtGeo, I pulled it out to see what time it was only to notice that it was dead. I was fairly sure I'd had it when we went into the restaurant, too, but I couldn't be sure.

So, I stressed about that all night. No way was I going to tell my parents. Do I look suicidal to you?

I thought about calling Daniel and asking him if he had seen it or found it, but his number was in my phone -_-

So, to destress myself, I called Ellie B. We chatted for a while until Daddy made me get off the phone because I'd forgotten to empty the downstairs trash.

I killed time all afternoon, worrying. I added up how many pages worth of NEW books I had read so far this sumer, and guess how many pages I've read? Are you ready?

7,335. Maybe not that impressive. I don't really know.

Finally, the stress was too much. I told my mom about the cell phone after making her promise not to get mad. We looked EVERYWHERE :'(

She suggested looking in the van (again), but it wasn't there.

She suggested looking in my room (again), but it wasn't there.

She suggested maybe Daddy had found it and was just waiting to see if I would notice/say something. My reply: "He's not that...crafty. Only you would do that."

She suggested looking in Daddy's recliner, it WAS there!


My ridiculously good luck has not abandoned me yet! I must be the luckiest person in the world (besides the fact that I don't have an older brother).

And that was my last three days. Sorry I went on and on. It's okay if you didn't read it all, I'll still be glad to look back years from now and read over what happened the summer I was fifteen.

You know how I was all upset about turning fifteen because fourteen was so awesome? Well, I love fifteen!! It's even better than fourteen! I've changed my mind, fourteen isn't the perfect age, fifteen is.

Sixteen on the other hand...


Thanks for reading, go carpe what's left of this diem!

EDIT: OMG, MICHAEL JACKSON DIED! MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD! DEAD! HOLY COW! WHOA! What a crazy thing to happen. He's the first celebrity that I've "known" that has died. How...weird.


Ellie B... said...

wow. I'm sorry about the giggling three...sounds like torture.

Kendra Logan said...

Totally was, lol :)