Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kind of Cheating

I am cheating today. I'm just going to do a fill-out and then tag people instead of doing a real post so that I can write. Er, try to write. (I will also post the answers to my quiz about ME that I made on Facebook.) If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. You can do the fill-out in a comment, on your own blog, or you can pretend you never read this and quietly leave without doing it at all.

I'm in the weirdest (well, one of the weirdest) moods ever. I have Darth Vader's voice stuck in my head. LOVE HIM.

Anyway. Fill-out (ironically, some of the questions are the same as the questions on my quiz... wonder how that happened :D):

Actually, on second thought, I'm just going to post my quiz like a fill-out, and y'all do it, too, okay? So, it's basically just like a tag only the questions came from the "How Well Do You Know Kendra Logan" quiz.

1. What is your favorite pizza topping? Cheese :) I'm a baby.

2. If you could be anything for a day, what would it be? A boy. A close second is invisible. That would be so cool. You could go around tripping people all day and they'd never figure it out >:D

3. What is your favorite boy's name? Cavender, followed EXTREMELY closely by Drake and Kade.

4. What would you be willing to eat for 10,000 dollars? Virtually anything as long as it wasn't a peanut product and you paid me up front. SHOW ME THE MONEY.

5. What mythical creature would you want to be? Psh, EASY. An elf. (I'm already half, so not far to go there ;))

6. You have a weakness for...? Books.

7. If you had one day left to live, how would you live it? Trying to figure out how to prevent my death.

8. Your favorite author is...? Hilari Bell. (She wrote the "Farsala Trilogy".)

9. Are you good with violence in movies? Yup. Bring on the blood and guts.

10. Are you a good liar? Yes. I'm good. (And, no, I'm not lying about that ;))

11. What is your favorite fast-food restaurant? Subway, closely followed by McDonald's.

12. Do you have any siblings? Yeah, Lizzy. She's 12 and 1/2.

13. If so, do you get along with them? Sometimes.

14. Who's your favorite Disney movie villain? Jafar. He's actually evil and actually smart instead of being one of those stupid bad guys that falls for every trick in the book.

15. Who's your favorite Disney movie prince? Aladin. VERY closely followed by the Beast.

16. You're a sucker for...? Brothers.

17. What time are you usually in bed by (in the summertime)? Midnight, usually.

Okay, now, fill it out! Looking forward to reading your answers :)


Eitan said...

some funny answers there. ill fill that out later if you want (i really have that much time now :O).

you come off older than 15. just saying.

i'm not too worried about the wisdom teeth. they give you drugs in your iv and then it's smoothies and stuff for three days or so.

up is spost to be really great, but transformers i heard was underwhelming. still, i'm sure it's a super entertaining movie. coraline was originally a book by neil gaiman, so im not surprised about the strangeness.

you haven't heard of any of those books!? o my...i think i need to give you a reading list ha. those first two are by kurt vonnegut, the third is haruki murakami, and the rest are all considered either classics or just great books (but ill tell you after i read them)!

thanks, you too! i need a friggin job to keep me busy tho. most of my friends have jobs, so im nawt buseh...

Kendra Logan said...

Sure! I know how being busy goes. I'd be glad to read your answers, but don't feel like you have to fill it out.

Wow, thanks!

Dentists scare me, lol! And one of my friends had a really bad time with getting her wisdom teeth removed. She got like three infections and had to have all this surgery...maybe I shouldn't be telling you all this? Lol, you don't seem like the kind of person who would be bothered by hearing the "horror" stories, but I know I hate it when people tell me junk like that :)

I heard Up was good, too, but I hadn't heard anything about Transformers. Hmm, well, I still want to see it, but it's good to know not to expect too much. My friend said Coraline had something to do with children getting their eyes stolen...creepyy!

I went back and read over the book list, and "Dostoevsky" sounds familiar, but that's it. I might have to look for some of them. Tell me if they're good after you read them!

I should get a job, too, but I have to help with vacation Bible school all this week, then we're going to the beach for a couple of days, then I'm going on a youth mission trip, then school pretty much starts :/ When would I work? I always thought my first summer job would be when I was fifteen, but it's not lookin' good.

Thanks for reading!

Kyle Hendricks said...

4. What would you be willing to eat for 10,000 dollars? Virtually anything as long as it wasn't a peanut product and you paid me up front. SHOW ME THE MONEY.

a carpenter sharks brain, with fried snail atop of possum dung.

I'm in a slightly odd mood today...

Kendra Logan said...

BRING. IT. ON. But show me the money up front :D

Kyle Hendricks said...

Uhm, do you take monopoly money?