Tuesday, June 2, 2009

*Temporarily* Trekkie

Sorry. I promise this won't last long, but right now I'm still in love with this movie. I was shocked at how good it was!! Really, it's been a long, long, LONG time since a movie blew me away like this. Everything was so...awesome. And since today is Picture Day, I decided to let myself go ;)

But, you know me. I'll get over this ridiculous obsessiveness within a couple of weeks, a month at the most. Remember my little freak-out over Darth Vader in February or whatever? I'm telling you, I'll see this kind of stuff and go crazy, and then I'll go back to normal. But I still love it. Like, I mean, really, Darth Vader is awesome, right?


The weirdest part is, I don't think of myself as being a SciFi kind of person. Like, at all. Most of it bores me and annoys me. And yet, I love Star Wars and Star Trek...*sigh* I am a mystery even to myself ;)


So, Captain Kirk is pretty awesome. He's probably my favorite character. (There's a shock, right? But at least I didn't fall in love with the villain this time.)

The casting for this was unbelievable!! All the characters look just like younger versions of the original guys (and girl). Spock was definitely the best match, but Captain Kirk was great, too.

There's lots of action in the movie, the plot was great, the acting was good, there was some really funny lines (LOLS), and everything was just awesome!! Everyone should see this movie. Lizzy (my little sister) even liked it!!! *gasp* And she HATES this kind of stuff. Well, she likes Star Wars okay. But usually all the fighting and stuff she doesn't like. There was a little bit of a guy screaming, but I got through that and it didn't bother me as much as I was afraid it might. *shrug* I guess Star Trek is just that awesome.

'Kay. I'll shut up now. If I can. You should go see the movie. It's really good.

P.S. Checkoff (however you spell it) was absolutely *adorable*. In the picture with the old and the new people together, he's the second guy on the bottom row.


Anonymous said...

vader is cool with the whole sui on... he is gross actually: http://soupytrumpet.com/uploads/2008/01/unmasked3.jpg
kirk's this one ( http://weblogs.variety.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/08/01/pine_as_kirk.jpg ), right?

I think you mean chekov ;]

it's great tou loved the film that much =D

Kendra Logan said...

Oh, yeah, isn't it weird how he's all gray? Lol!

Yeah, that one's Kirk :D

Oh, *laughs at self* Yeah, that's what I meant :)

I totally did, lol! Thanks :)

Anastasia said...

i love your blog!!
i am totally in love with star trek, too.
well, actually just the new one.
lolz i'm too young to be obsessed with the old one!
kirk is my number one! LOVE HIM.
chris pine is just gorgeous, isn't he?
*drool* it's unbearable!
and yes, spock was a great match.
lenord nimoy -> zachery quinto
my best friend is absolutely in love with checkov (:
it's actually quite adorable!
and i love love love his accent.
so shweet blog and congratulations on another follower. (;


PS: i saw your comment on my fiction (bohemian rhapsody) thanks a bunch!

Kendra Logan said...

Thank you!! Yeah, I just love the new one, too, haha :) I haven't seen any of the original series except the four episodes my mom bought.

I know, isn't Kirk awesome? *sigh* Chris Pine is cool, too, but the character is the one I'm in love with, lol! That's the problem with me: I always fall for the characters, not the people. Which is unfortunate because that means I'll *never* meet him instead of just "probably not" meeting him, lol! :)

I love Chekov!! He is just too cute! I love his accent, too; I have a thing for accents anyway, but his is especially adorable. Don't you love his curly hair? Aww :)

Thank you so much for following! I'm glad you like my blog. Hopefully I won't dissapoint you later...haha :) And I like what you've done on your book so far! Is it called "Bohemian Rhapsody" or is that just the name of your blog?

Anonymous said...

i've never been all that into star trek, but i liked this movie. I think that they did a good job at making it into a movie that even non trekkies would enjoy.

Kendra Logan said...

I agree. It was a good movie even if you aren't all into Star Trek. I mean, I am now, but I wasn't really before and I liked it.

Anonymous said...

I never liked star trek very much. I do like star wars
maybe I'll start liking it if I see thw movie, who knows ^_^

Kendra Logan said...

Like Mr. Puddle said, it's a good movie even if you aren't normally a Trekkie. It's just got a good plot and good acting and all that stuff, so what's not to like? Lol :) Tell me if you do see it!

Katrien Scarlet said...

Those are both obsessions I can understand, then again I am a SciFi fan ^^
I watched a bit of the originals for Star Trek before I heard this movie was coming out... But the movie was amazing.

I like young Spock. He's dorky, cute, and bad a**! (pardon me)

And Darth Vader is indeed awesome.
Sorry I haven't been reading lately... Things are a bit messy...

Kendra Logan said...

I know, I *loved* the movie (obviously, lol)!! And young Spock WAS adroable. And a good fighter :)

Oh, it's fine!! I understand. And I'm really sorry about your grandmother. I've been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.