Sunday, June 21, 2009

Camp Overview: Day 1


Don't you hate it when you find out bad things about someone you looked up to? I just went through one of my friend's (sort of) pictures on Facebook and found out she isn't quite the girl I thought she was. I'm really sad :( I sort of looked up to her, I thought she was pretty cool, and now it turns out apparently our ideals aren't the same at all. What an awful feeling :(

I really don't feel like posting at all right now, but I need to post about camp or I never will, haha. 'Kay, here:

- Got up at seven and finished packing.

- Brianna came to pick me up at 8:30.

- Went to the camp leader's house.

- He was old, but still pretty fun. His name was Arnie.

- We waited around at his house until everyone else showed up.

1. Me (9th grader) :D

2. Brianna (9th grader): The fun-loving, easy-going, nice girl who makes you feel special and comfortable even if you're a total dork.

3. Erica: The responsible college girl that came along as a chaperone. She was fun, but sometimes a little brusque. I don't think she liked me that much...

4. Jessica (11th grader): Possibly the funnest girl there (me and Brianna aside :D). She was really nice, really fun, had a great personality, and seemed genuinely interested in talking to us.

5. Jenny (9th grader): Jessica's little sister. She was fun, but a little quiet and sort of timid. She seemed nice enough though.

6. Kara (9th or 10th, I think...I'm not sure): She was fun and really pretty. I don't know why, but she was. Her eyes actually sparkled. Like, I've read that in books, but I didn't know what it would look like if someone's eyes really sparkled. It was weird. Her eyes were actually sparkling, but they sizzled and gleamed with fun sort of...hmm...

7. Haley (9th grader): Haley was gorgeous. I hope this doesn't sound mean, but I could tell immediately that she was a "rich girl". She wasn't snobby though. Just obviously from a more well-to-do environment. She was fun, but she stuck by Jenny pretty closely, so I didn't get to know her much.

8. Courtney (9th grader, I think): She was okay. She said she was the "crazy one", but honestly, I didn't see it.

9. Eddrinia (9th grader): She was nice, but...she was homeschooled and, well, she was much more like a "homeschooler" than me or my friends. She was really sweet and I love her to death, but she wouldn't sleep in the beds. She said she doesn't sleep in other peoples' beds. She also put on sunscreen every ten minutes, and THEN just laid there on the dock *covered up with her towel*. She did watch a movie with us, and though she didn't say why, I think it was because it was rated PG. Yeah. Anyway.

10. Cathy (10th grader?): Ah, Cathy. Couldn't stand her. Don't ask me why, I'm not even sure, but I really couldn't stand her! And the frustrating thing was, everyone else *LOVED HER!* She was loud, had to have her way, thought she was all that, thought she knew everything, and enjoyed snubbing and ignoring me whenever possible. Probably some of that is in my head, but a lot of it was real.

Back to the camp experience.

- We piled into Arnie's van and Erica's car and started off to go to the lake house.

- Stopped at the grocery store to get provisions. That was pretty fun. Ish.

- Drove for about forty-five minutes, then stopped and got Subway (yay!).

- Drove for probably another forty-five minutes until we got to the lake house.

- From the road (or really from the loooong driveway), I could tell that the house was small and not in the best condition, but it looked okay.

- We went inside. It was hot and small, but still okay. It was old, but it looked clean enough. At least the kitchen/dining room and the living room that we could see from the front door did. The house kind of had three floors. When you walked in, you were standing on the dividing line between the living room on your left, and the kitchen/dining room on your right. Dead ahead were maybe six stairs that led to an eight-foot-long hall way with three bedrooms and a bathroom. There were also maybe six stairs that led down to a small downstairs. Arnie told us that we girls got the upstairs, and he got the downstairs.

- We unloaded our stuff, and blew up the inflatable innertubes and stuff.

- We were hot and sweaty, but we went inside and got changed into swimsuit attire and headed down to the dock.

- Some people tubed, but I just rode in the boat. Some people tanned, and I tried, but I got sooooooo bored just lying there doing nothing.

- At around seven, we had dinner. It was hot dogs. They were okay. I didn't starve.

- Then we had Chapel Time. Wow. No offense, but it was *SO* boring!! I have a whole new appreciation for my youth group. All we did was read a Bible passage (OVER AND OVER, too), listen to Arnie talk about it in the most boring way possible, read a song while Arnie interrupted every line to explain it to us, then we listened to the song (always a really...not-very-contemporary song), then Arnie just talked about boring stuff that I already had heard at least a thousand times...Oh, and I forgot communion! *moan* Wow. It takes talent to make something so dull. He's just so repetitive! At least the communion bread was really good :D

- Erica, Brianna, Eddrinia and I watched "Casablanca" while the others did stuff outside in the dark. I never noticed how awesome the dialogue in that movie is. It's so good. I advise anyone to watch it. It's an old movie, has great dialogue, it's pretty funny, and it's a great love story.

- We went to bed around midnight. My bed didn't have sheets on it, which was kind of a downer, but I was so tired I didn't even care. I wasn't homesick at all either. Like, at all. I used to get really homesick, but lately I haven't really cared. There was no cell signal at the cabin, though, so it's a good thing I wasn't homesick--I couldn't have called home if I'd wanted to!

And that was day one. If you got this far, I'm proud of you. I won't post days 2 and 3 now, though, so don't worry. I'll do one tomorrow and one the next day, I guess.

Back to the present. I have to clean the bathroom because people are coming to stay at our house for the practicum. This practicum is relatively close to my house, so we don't have to travel this time! Yay! our own beds! :) But, other people will have to travel to get here, so we're being a host family. Two families (well, a mom and her daughter, and then a mom and two daughters) are staying at our house. That should be interesting.

I know I didn't post a God Thought today. I do have one, but this post is so long already that I think I'll just save it. Okay? Great :D Thanks for reading, carpe diem, and in the words of Angela the Herbalist, "avoid roasted cabbage, do not eat earwax, and look on the bright side of life!"

P.S. Which signature do you like better?


Muse of Randomness said...

I know people like the campers you know. I really detest having to be around girls like Cathy, they irritate me so much!

I have never been camping before. Sounds fun, though, hope you had a good time!

Limer said...

Wow. Next time try going to eagle lake. (thats where I go). They have a really good message and the camp is really fun.

Muse of Randomness this is to you, SERIOUSLY? you've never been camping? Wow ive been camping like, a billion times because we live about an hour and a half from the rocky mountans AND we have a camper.

P.S. I like the kendra signature with the hearts :)

Kendra Logan said...

Muse of Randomness: I know, it was all I could do to keep it Christian. Lol, just kidding :)

Thanks, I did have fun!

Limer: I'll have to check that out, thanks for the suggestion!

Yeah, I think I like the signature with the hearts better, too.

Katrien Scarlet said...

i'm sorry about what happened. And I'm also sorry that I didn't read your comment until after I turned the essay in! I will keep your offer in mind in the future though as well.

And I wouldn't mind a 15 year olds advice, you are only 2 years younger than me (and you seem older sometimes). Besides, age has nothing to do with wisdom or smarts. There are 30 year olds who probabley aren't as smart as you.

Kendra Logan said...

Thanks! It's okay, I still had a pretty good time. And that's okay! I hope they like it!

Wow, thank you, lol!