Saturday, June 6, 2009

Practicum Overview

I am tired.


In order to keep up with blogging, I wrote in my journal what I would have blogged, and now I'm going to type it up.
DAY #1:
Time: 11:48pm

Did: drove here, dumped stuff at house we're staying at, went to set up bookstore at the church where the conference is gonna be.

Weird thought: I love practicums. They make me feel like a slave.

House we're staying at: good, smells like a granny though

Church the conference is at: huge, awesome

Good: most things

Bad: No Daniel :( It feels weird and wrong without him

Wish: I had pants that fit

Sleeping situation: air mattress 2day and 2morrow, bed on nite 3

Camp I'm working: supposed to be logic ( :( ), actually ArtGeo ( :D)

I feel: good, tired

Reading: Pendragon #2

Writing: Creepy, 173 pgs, 90k words

Overall omnia: yay!

DAY #2:

Too tired to write anything.

DAY #3:

Too exhausted to write anything.

DAY #4:

Too worn-out to write anything.
Okay, after the first night, things sorta went down hill.


The lady doing ArtGeo was odd, but okay.

The kids were more well-behaved than I've ever seen.

There were too many helpers, though, so none of us got to do much of anything.

Lunch was a sandwhich soaked in tomatoe crud and letucce-ness. I ate the turkey out of the middle and a 50 cent bag of Cheetos.

Little kid named Johnathan was an utterly amazing artist (holy crap, you'd have to see it to believe it).

Very tired at end of day.

Daddy came to see us!! Lots of stories from Jamaica to tell. I'll tell you tomorrow maybe.

Went out to eat at Chili's.

Food took forever to get there, and I was starving considering I didn't eat much for lunch.

Ordered the wrong kind of food. DANG IT.

Got the right kind of food. Ate it, but (this is gonna sound weird) was too hungry to eat much (don't ask; I'm just a freak like that).

Starving, but it was my own fault.

Watched Night at the Museum on TV.

Ate a Pop Tart.

11:07pm-ish: slept in a bed because some people didn't end up staying at the house with us after all.

Woke up FREEZING like twice.


Kids were louder, gained like three, lost one.

Lunch was weird pasta stuff with broccoli and possibly peanut stuff, so I couldn't eat it. (I'm very allergic to peanuts -_-)

STARVING. Ate half an apple and some Doritos.

Felt fairly defeated after lunch.

Went to eat at some lake side place.

Food was good, friends were awesome.

Ran around the restaurant in the rain with awesome friends. Scared some little kids through the window. Rocked the floating docks and were a bad influence on some kids. Got really wet. Fed the fish and the big stupid ducks. Sang the Veggie Tales theme song in the restaurant. Planned our own traveling entertainment business.

Went back to house happy :) :)

Ate a Pop Tart because I was still hungry :/

Went to bed.

Woke up freezing again.

Mom woke me up at 7:15 as usual.

Got up, stumbled into bathroom and stared at myself, wondering what to do with my hair.

Mom comes in and says Lizzy isn't feeling well. Mom thinks it's because it's "too hot" in the house.

Apparently, while I froze every night, everyone else was sweating bullets and threatening the air conditioning.

Great start to morning.

Felt dead all morning.

Kids were semi-bad.

Pizza lunch. Was so grateful for FOOD that I almost cried. Ate three pieces before I started tasting the pizza and discovered that I hated it.

Still felt pitiful, so I called Ellie and complained in her ear.

Felt much better. Went back to camp.

Teacher left to go to the beach. We had to combine classes.

Don't feel like talking about the rest. Let's just say, out of five teen helpers, I'm the only one who helps. The others just talk to each other and FLIRT. OH PUH-LEEZ!

Waiting around for late moms to pick up kids (as usual).

Felt tired in ways you probablty can't imagine.

Had to help load very heavy boxes of books onto a hand truck, cart them into the elevator, go down, get them out of the elevator, cart them down the hall, get them over this huge bump, and load them into the truck.

Repeat that step.

Repeat it again.

And again.

And again.




Finally get to start home. I put my feet on the dashboard, feel my aching body and don't say a word for like forty-five minutes.
I used to think it was stupid and unrealistic how slaves spirits get "broken" by being over-tired and over-worked. I used to think it was stupid and impossible. Now I'm a believer. When you're that tired and worked like that and ordered around, you start getting kind of...blah. Just doing whatever, making it through the day, being hungry, hot, tired, etc. I can see how that would "break your spirit" over time.

Anyway, wow, what a trip. So tired. Must sleep. Bye, and hope I didn't complain too much. Okay, I know I did. I guess what I mean is, don't hate me for being such a sourpuss? :D

Carpe di...*zzzzzzzzzzzzz*

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