Monday, June 8, 2009

WARNING: Babyish, Complaining Post

I'm going to be annoying, babyish, complaining, and just an all around pill for a minute or two.

My allergies are bothering me. My throat is all burning and tingling and it feels like crap to swallow, so I'm not drinking enough so I'm dehydrated so I have a headache and I'm not sure how much medicine to take, but my mom is busy and when I went in to ask her how much to take, she goes, "Don't come in here and ask questions."

I feel pitiful. At the moment, I hate Classical Conversations. I hate practicums, I hate being tired and sick, and I hate how my mom works all the freakin' time. I miss the days when I was little when I was sick and she would be really sweet to me and tuck me in on the couch and bring me my medicine and tell me she was sorry I felt bad. I miss the days where I could feel sick without being labled some mean things.

I miss how my mom used to have all the time in the world for me and my sister and she was always there for us no matter what. I miss the days where she would offer to make me a jelly sandwhich. I miss the days when I would come downstairs and see her sitting in "her" chair reading a book. I miss the days when she wasn't stressed 24/7. I miss the days when she was my mom and ONLY my mom. Not the director of Classical, not my teacher, not someone else's teacher, not the trouble-shooter, not the go-to person for everyone in Classical.

I miss the old days and I want them back.

Sorry. I just feel pathetic right now. I'll get better in a few days.

Gotta go. Mom is yelling at something again.


Anonymous said...

my mom is a bit like that too. I mean, always stressed and stuff
I hope you get better quickly

Kendra Logan said...

Yeah, it sucks, doesn't it? :( Thanks, and thanks for putting up with all this complaining, haha :)

Anonymous said...

ah, I'm used to it ^_^ coming from me

Kendra Logan said...

Haha, well, thanks anyway.