Saturday, June 20, 2009

Checking In

Camp was great! I'll update more tomorrow. I just wanted to check in and tell everyone that I'm back and I didn't die or anything (lol, Kyle ;) ). Camp was fun, I had a great time, and I met some nice girls. Unfortunately, at least one of them did, in fact, think I was a total dork.

Fortunately, I really didn't like her at all either, so it's all good :D

I also want to thank "Abby" and "David Bailey" for following!! Just so you know, David Bailey is my awesome daddy :)

Well, I'll catch ya later! I hope I'll be able to post tomorrow, but I'm not sure. We have to clean the house because some people are coming to stay with us for the next practicum. And, it's Father's Day, of course, so I'll be spending time with my dad.

Carpe diem! TTYL!


Limer said...

What the heck does carpe diem mean?

Kendra Logan said...

It's "seize the day" in Latin.