Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In the Words of Peter Pan, Think Happy Thoughts

I am trying to inspire myself to think positively. I will post only positive things today.

1. I feel a little better than I did yesterday.
2. Daddy took me to the bookstore last night and I got three books (4 and 5 of the Pendragon series and 4 of the Ranger's Apprentice series).
3. I had a fine time at the orientation meeting for Challenge II (tenth grade) last night.
4. I slept well.
5. My mom hugged me this morning.
6. My mom announced that we won't be leaving for the practicum until around 5pm.
7. Lizzy isn't going. (That's not *necessarily* a good thing, but it can be. She's not that good in the car sometimes, but she's a lot of fun to have around...I'm trying to make the best of her not going.)
8. Pendragon book 4 is good so far.
9. The people we're staying at for this practicum sound nice.
10. We might be going to see Star Trek with David and Daniel next Sunday (*screams like a Trekkie*)
Yay! I feel much better actually. Oh, AAAAND, "The Mirror" is going pretty darn well. I'm into the 90,000 words! Yay! YAY! YAAAY!!
Sorry for being such a pill these past few days. I'm going to try not to let myself get so low next time. Carpe diem!
P.S. Don't forget to vote on the Star Trek poll. Only two people have so far, and one of them is me, lol!


Anonymous said...

=D it's cool you're feeling better
have a good practicum

Kendra Logan said...

Thank you, and thank you :)

Anonymous said...

=) you're welcome

Levi said...

Read your bog... thought that it's pretty cool... a def. follow... you can chec out mine lol it has nothing on your blog though!! www.differenttriniguy.blogspot.com

Kendra Logan said...

Thanks!! I checked your blog out, too. Really neat!