Sunday, May 31, 2009

Making Memories

Can't talk, too tired and not much time. Will elaborate and do a Bible thing tomorrow. I'm gonna use list format to run over the day's awesome events :)

-Church was good.


-I ate a giant (GIANT) Rice Krispy treat at the movie, and those are my favorite.

-On the way home from the movie, Mrs. Martha (Matt and Katie's mom) called and asked if we wanted to go out on the boat. We said yes.

-Go home and change into bathing suits. I wash off my make up so it won't run when I do stuff in the water.

-They pick us up at the beach (in the boat).

-Beautiful weather.

-IT'S JUST US!!!!!!!! For the first time in actually-not-exaggerating YEARS (only two, but still, YEARS), it was just us. No other families, no catches, just us and them.

-Had an amazing time in the water fooling around like old times.

-The ride back, Mrs. Martha gave in when we begged her to go top speed. We flew over waves and the boat went crazy. It's times like that when I'm sure I have the best childhood of anyone in the world. I mean, being with my closest friends and the wind and the water and being perfectly can you top that?

-We all decided to order pizza and meet back at Matt and Katie's house. They dropped us off at our house, though, so we could get out of our bathing suits. I just put on, like, almost-pajamas, lol!

-Watched "Marley and Me" while eating pizza and warding off the dog, Hershey :)

-Katie fell asleep like halfway into it :)

- Matt was adorably sad at the end (if you've seen it, you know why; if you haven't, I'm not saying anything ;) ).

-We came home, and I'm typing this.

-I get to sleep in tomorrow.

What a great day, you know? Don't you just LOVE those days when you just smile and think, "I am the luckiest person in the world right now." *sighs contentedly* Carpe diem, y'all! You never know when you're making a memory!


Anonymous said...

omg! when I read about the star trek film I googled it. I had absolutely no idea there was a star trek movie coming out! never saw any publicity here

I spent 2 hours on saturday and 2 hours on sunday in my uncle's swimming pool *_* hehe it's finally hot as it should be in summer

8D it's great your day was that cool! I just hung around at my grandparents'... went to the pool, played a bit ps2 and pc, and stuff like that...

Kendra Logan said...

It was so good (as I've already said, lol)! You should see it. Is it out in Portugal yet?

That sounds fun! Pools are awesome. We were going to go today, but it wasn't open yet.

Thanks! That sounds pretty fun, too!

Nils said...

Ours are open now... swimming is fun! especially when the wether is good :P:P

I really like you blog... keep up the good work!

peace =)

Anonymous said...

I don't think so... I never even saw publicity on tv or in billboards

never went to a public pool... well, I did, but those heated ones, where you go to actually swim and not just hang around

lol, it is what I do for fun, but mnay people would find it boring. whenever I have some free time (unless I'm in vacation) I play computer. since I was at my grandparent's, I could use my cousin's ps2 so I did ^_^

Kendra Logan said...

Nils: The pool is open only on the weekends here until all the public schools get out. *sigh* Can't wait! Yeah, I love hanging out at the pool.

Thank you so much! I'll try... :)

Krevan: That's too bad :( It's really good (gosh, I HAVE to stop saying that!).

Haha, I don't think I've ever been to a heated pool like that, lol! Well, maybe when I took swimming lessons when I was little...

I do the same thing. I know I should do some other stuff, but I mostly do things on the computer. I did outside stuff at the old house a lot, but here it just feels weird...*sigh* Sometimes I miss my old house. *gasp* Did I just say that?? :)

Anonymous said...

in the area where I live there are few open and non-heated pools. and there's a public heated pool (not for fun ^^" but for actual swimming) in pretty much every little town. in bigger cities there is usually at least one of those pools


Limer said...

Thats really cool