Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seven Friends in a House...

Haha, I saw this on Steph's blog and just had to do it :) Sorry for posting twice in a day.

Pick 8 random friends you feel comfortable around. (Four girls, four guys -- include yourself) [Lol, the girls were easy, and three of the guys were. After three, everyone else I know just ties, so I just picked Ben 'cause he'd be funny for some of the questions, lol ;)]

1. Ellie B
2. Gabrielle
3. Lizzy
4. Me
5. Daniel
6. David
7. Matt
8. Ben

These eight people you just picked are stuck in a house with you for a whole year. There is no leaving the house at all until the year is completely up. If you had to choose a person for every question below, write down which person it would be.

There are four rooms, who would be in each room?
1. Me and Ellie
2. Lizzy and Gabrielle
3. Ben and Daniel
4. Matt and David

If there was someone singing in the morning who would it most likely be?

If someone was considered the dad and the mom of the house, who would it be?
Most mature girl in the house: Ellie, but I dunno. I have some mother-like tendancies myself.
Most mature guy in the house: Probably Daniel.
There you go.

If you wanted candy really badly and all of the 7 in the house had some, who would you take it from?
Any of them. I have no limits when it comes to getting candy!!

If two people were caught making out in a closet who would it be?
*blink* Honestly, none of us girls would go for that. Or the guys for that matter.

If someone had to watch you brush your teeth (every) morning, who would it be?
Lol, Gabby.

There was two bags of chips bought at the store, but 20 minutes later they are gone. Who ate them?
David and Matt.

Who would hate being in the house the most?
Me, because I have issues when I don’t get enough space, and Ben because he would go crazy around certain people for that long.

Someone took a (brand spanking new) pair of socks that were never worn, who is the thief?
Haha, me. I’m always borrowing Lizzy’s socks.

Someone swept all the dirt under the rug, who was it?
Me. I’m the queen of shortcuts.

If there was argument in the house, who would be the ones arguing?
David and Daniel, David and Ben, Me and Lizzy, Gabrielle and Ellie. Matt doesn’t ever do anything complicated enough to need to argue about it. Just whack him and be done with it.

Who would be the one missing there boyfriend/girlfriend that wasn’t in the house with them?
Lol, none of us have significant others...that I know of…

You walked down stairs in the middle of the night for a glass of water, someone is dancing on the table in there Leopard Thong. Who is the crazy one?
Where would anyone get a leopard thong??

A pillow fight broke through, who started it?
Me and Gabby.

There’s a marathon of your favorite TV show, what is it and who would be watching it with you?
I honestly don’t have a favorite show…

Someone made a fort in the laundry room, who was the kid?
Matt. Possibly with help from David. Then when I found it, I'd immediately go into efficiency mode and make the fort better.

There’s a prankster in the house that put plastic on the two toilets in the house, who are the pranksters? Ben. Alllllll Ben ;)

The music’s too loud, who turned it up? All us girls!!

There’s a mouse crawling on the floor all over the house,
a) who is the first one to scream? – Ellie.
b) and who is the one to jump is someones arms? Lizzy.
c) Who would be the one to kill it? – Ben or Daniel. Gabrielle wouldn’t be afraid of it, she’d want to catch it and set it free.

Someone’s crying, who is it and what happened? No comment.

Who made pancakes in the morning and almost caught the house on fire? Ben. Or me.

Who gets sick of each other the fastest in the house?
Ben and David, or David and Daniel, or me and Ellie. After a while, we start to rub each other the wrong way. Gabrielle and Matt rarely ever make any of us extremely mad. Lizzy and I are used to living together. No, wait. I know! I would definitely get sick of someone prettttttttty fast...no comment.

Someone’s tanning on the roof who is it?
Lols, I don’t know…

Who is the tallest in the house?
Hmm…Ben or Daniel. Not sure which.

Who is the shortest in the house?
Lizzy, I think.

Who is the loudest?

Who is the clown?
Ben and me. I goof off all the time.

Who is the one you go to talk to the most?
Ellie or Gabrielle.

Who is the one that always comes up with stupid ideas?
Matt and Ben, lol

Who's in bed first?

If someone woke everyone up with pots and pans who would it be?

Who is always dancing?
Gabrielle :)

Someone has the same sweater as you, so you get mad at them. Who is it?
Lizzy. As sisters, we have a lot of matching stuff.

You spilled ice all over the kitchen floor. Who would be the one to slip on it first?
Ellie. Lols.



Gabrielle said...

I wouldn't scream at the mouse. Out of pure joy. XD

Gabrielle said...

Oh and I do dance all the time, I was dancing to the kitchen before I read this. XD

Kendra Logan said...

Lols! Glad to know I got most of you right, haha :)

Anonymous said...

lol funny fill-out
I don't even know the people to start with, though... ^^

Kendra Logan said...

That's true, so it probably wasn't quite as entertaining for you, haha! It was fun to do though. I kept laughing out loud, haha!