Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fighting for Freedom

Hey. Sorry I didn't blog yesterday! Ellie came over you know, so there wasn't that much time to post. But I *did* think of a challenge!! I know; amazing, right? Haha, it's not even good, but here it is anyway:

Do something you're "too old" to do.

Not like throwing a tantrum in the mall or sucking your thumb. I mean something that you stopped doing just because you're "too old". Play with something. Imagine something. You can pick *what*, just do something. :D

Lame. But not as lame as the last one? Hopefully.
Okay, that was Friday. Now for Saturday. Carpe noctem day. Ehhh...I got nothin'.

OOOOOOOOH but I do have good news!!

Ellie and I talked about "Mirror" a lot last night and this morning, and we have some great plot ideas! I might actually be able to write today! Yes!! We'll see, though. I mean, if anyone can turn a great idea and some good words into a new case of writer's block, it's me.

I saw 17 Again today!! Oh. Em. Jee.


It was funny, had a good moral, and, okay, Zac Efron was in it, so that helps a lot, too, but it was just so good! And he *was* really cute. AWWWWWWW he cries. It was soo sweet!! *sniff sniff* I almost cried, too. And I (almost) never cry in movies unless the older brother dies or leaves or something. (I'm a totally sucker for older brothers.)

Sorry. I didn't mean to go all screamy-girly on you. But it really was a good movie.

*gasp* I just read Puddle Werld (awesome blog that I follow), and the post gave me an idea for a Carpe Noctem thing!! But it's kind of stealing the idea if I talk about it...Oh well. I'm going to use his topic as mine, but by all means go read the original. I don't want to take the credit. (Although, I *am* going to take a whole different approach to it :D) Here's the link:
Carpe Noctem Day! :D

Topic: Terrorists: Can't we just live and let live?

To put it simply, NO.

Aren't people basically good deep down?

To put it simply, NO.

I think people are born good to some extent. I mean, we all have a sinful nature and everything, but I don't think anyone is *born* evil. However, people CAN become evil, and once they are, no, they are not "basically good deep down".

Now, some people say that we should stop fighting the terrorists. Leave them alone, they say. Live and let live.I'm fine with that. You're probably fine with that. Most people (serial killers not included) are good with that!

Except the terrorists.

THEY WANT TO KILL US. It's part of their religion. Their Bible says "KILL ALL THE NON-MUSLIMS!"

Ohhhhh but we can't fight back! That's inhumane! They believe they're doing good! LIVE AND LET LIVE!! PEACE!

Yay, peace. Peace is good. But I think for peace to work, both sides have to agree to NOT KILL EACH OTHER.

I am all for peace. Really. As much as I enjoy stirring up trouble and debating, world peace is a wonderful that I want us to have! I think it would be WONDERFUL if we could live in harmoney with the Muslims. Some of them are probably really great people.But as long as they are bombing America, it is America's job to fight back.

America is not "attacking" the terrorists. It is purely self-defense.

What kind of country would we be if we just sat here and let the terrorists kill millions of innocent people just because it's in their religion to do so?

We'd be a wussy country that no one felt safe in, that's what we'd be.

I want peace. But it's not up to us anymore. We HAVE tried to be friends with the terrorists. Didn't work. If we're going to have world peace, it's up to them now. We're fighting in self-defense. Any time they want to come over and have a nice PEACEFUL cup of coffee with us, I say go for it.

But until then, America, keep on fighting. Because we are not a country to be pushed around destroyed just to prove we're "nice guys". We have to fight to be safe. To be free. And that's what America is all about.


K૨ɛ√ɑɳ said...

100% agreed
also read the original post on puddle werld... I assume the same position you do

Kendra Logan said...

Cool! Lol, glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Katrien Scarlet said...
I think you might be interested in this... I didn't get a really good look at it because I'm in school though....