Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm thinking of changing my profile picture to one of those. And since this is Picture Day, that just works out perfectly :) Which picture should I change my profile picture to? Fireworkds, universe, or eye? Lol! Or should I just keep the one I have? Comment and tell me!
Well, Daddy is on the plane on his way to Jamaica. I hope everything goes just right and nothing bad happens...yikes.
I feel incredibly boring. I haven't written in forever, and I feel like my imagination is fading altogether. I honestly think it has something to do with my being on the computer ALL DAY LONG. I really think it cuts your creativity and semi-melts your brain. I'm not trying to sound like a granny, it's just something I've noticed. Hmm...I won't if I can discipline myself enough to restrict my computer time...it's possible. Maybe...
Well, yesterday was fun!! At my dad's birthday/Going-Away-To-Jamaica party, there were all the funnest people there: Matt, Katie, Daniel, and Kaitlyn. I probably spelled her name wrong. I always do.
Anyway, we got out this giant bubblewrap pouch that the new couch was brought in. Matt got under it and we just ran around and stuff...then we took turns sitting on the bubblwrap and being pulled down the hill in my yard. And it rained on us...
I'm not sure why, and I'm sure you don't know either, that was such a fun, amazing evening. But it really was. It was like being with my family for the first time in a long while. I think of all those people as being my family. I have some really close friends (Ellie, Gabrielle, and some others), but they don't really feel like family, you know? Matt, Katie, Maddie, Ryan, Daniel, David. They feel like real family.
I'm reading a book called "Dragonspell" right now. It's okay. I don't like it A LOT, but it's pretty good. The reading level is below mine, I think. But the author--I forgot her name--has weekly online classes and mentoring sessions or something. She's also e-published four of her fans novels. Interesting, right? I might have to look into it. Maybe.
Well, I'm really boring right now, so I'll just stop. Carpe diem.


Alex said...

I like magna (spelling?) drawings, very cool


Kendra Logan said...

Cool! Which one do you think I should change my picture to? (It's "manga", so you were very close!)

Anonymous said...

I'd go for the fireworks one... I'd crop it though, because it has too much details
I have a couple of anime images I love, but they're guys, so... ^^

@ alex: do you read any manga or watch any anime?

you're not boring. at least the post wasn't

Anonymous said...

I also have an image of a girl. but she's been shot and is lying on the floor all bloody... I don't know if anyone would want that for an avatar ^^"
she's smiling, though ;D

Anonymous said...

wait, no ^_^"
I prefer the 1st image but, for an avatar, I think the girl form the 2nd one is better
sorry for the 3 consecutive posts >_<

Gabrielle said...

I like the the last one. ^^

Oh yes, We will be praying for them! :D

Steph said...

I like the pic you have, but if you had to change it, I like the eye.

And I know what you mean by friends that feel like family. I have these friends that used to go to our church for the longest time, I was there the day after their sister was born, six years ago, their sons are like brothers to me. Their mom was like my other mom.

And then there's the other family, who we're starting to not be friends with so much. I grew up with them as my siblings, their mom was my mom, their sons were also my brothers.

And then we got older, and things started to change. Parents got twitchy, us kids got older. We fell apart. But I'm still friends with the oldest of the first family, my friend Caleb. And I'm still the youngest of the second family's favorite, Benny.

It's sad how the world changes, and things can't be like they used to.

I wish they could.

GracieTheFirst said...

I like the last one the best. :)

Kendra Logan said...

Krevan: Thanks for saying I'm not boring...I dunno, though! :)

Lol, bloody avatars aren't really my style ;)

I think I agree about the universe girl being better for an avatar. And it's fine about the three posts! I looooooove comments! You could leave hundreds and I wouldn't get sick of them! :)

Gabrielle: Kewl! Thanks! And thanks for praying. Last I heard, they were all safely in Jamaica, but their luggage wasn't with them...for some reason...haha!

Steph: Cool! Yeah, the eye is awesome.

I know what you mean completely. We were close to another family a long time ago, but we stopped being friends with them, too. It's sad how things change and people change and some things just fall apart.

If I ever figure out how to make my dream machine, one that controls time, I'll be sure to make one for you, too :)

Kendra Logan said...

Gracie: Cool! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I thought so ^_^
I think I could make you regret saying that >=D
but I won't ^^

Kendra Logan said...

Mwahahaha :D