Sunday, May 10, 2009


Lord of the Rings Fill-Out! :)

How old are you? 15

Is this your first tag? Well, I wasn't actually tagged. I got this off another blog (

Have you ever moved? Yep.

What is your favorite animal? Tiger.

What is your favorite movie? Bourne movies, Ocean's movies, Lord of the Rings, Aladin :D

What is your favorite book? I have so many. Right now, it's a tie between The Mortal Instruments Trilogy and The Farsala Trilogy. Amazing books.

Are you an elf? Only half.

Who do you like better, Eowyn or Arwen? Eowyn. Not even a choice in my opinion.

Who are your favorite Lord of the Rings characters? Definitely Aragorn and Sam.

Do you get a lot of homework? It's unbelievable. I have at least six hours every day. Haha, all my work is "home" work :D

Do you like blogging? Love it!

Do people think you're strange? Yup.

Do you like getting comments on your blog? I LOVE IT!

Do you like getting new followers on your blog? OH YES!!!! Makes my day!!

Do you get bored easily? Yeah-ish.

How many followers do you have? 20. And they're all awesome.

Who do you like better, Sauron or Saruman? Ooh, Sauron.

Do you like school? Not really. I liked philosophy, though.

Are you a good actress? I think so.

Do you like taking personality quizzes? Haha, y'all know I do :)

Do you like long or short posts? Long ;)

Are you easily entertained? Haha, yeah.

Are you going to tag someone else? Sure. If you're reading this, CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED!!


Eitan said...

"The Mirror" sounds ambitious, especially for your age. Maybe some outside influence would clear your writer's block. Feel free to send me some of your stuff; I'd be glad to comment ( GL with it.

Yeah, I definitely like the job, and virtually all other jobs that require brain over brawn :D.

Kendra Logan said...

Thanks! I might do that. I like getting peoples' oppinions. After a while, it's just impossible for me to be objective.

Haha, cool :) Glad you're enjoying it.

Gabrielle said...


Sorry, I haven't checked your blog in a while. Sorry!

I guess I have a lot to catch up on. :D

Anonymous said...

omg :o
I took 3 lotr quizes from that blog: which character I am, which weapon I wield and which race I am: frodo, sting, hobbit
^_^ really weird

Kendra Logan said...

Gabrielle: Haha, it's okay. Glad you're back.

Krevan: Wow! I might have to go take those :) I took a Which Race Are You quiz on facebook once and I was a hobbit, too. I wanted to be an elf :( Haha, oh well.