Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Couch Potatoes Can't Apply Makeup

So yeah. That's what I've felt like all day, lol! I'm so lazy. I watched like two whole episodes of Nanny 911. Yes, I did. And it's even pretty outside today!!!!!! I have to get out of the house! What is wrong with me? Okay, I know what's wrong with me...
I'm afraid of ticks. How pathetic is THAT? There was one on my shirt Friday after I took a walk, so I freaked out. And now I don't want to go walking in the woods anymore. And that's like my favorite. :( I'm such a wussy!! I'm not sure why, but ticks seriously creep me out. *shudders*
Someone stopped following my blog. Apparently they realized that it's not healthy to listen to the rants of a weird-o like myself ;)
Tomorrow is my sisters dance rehearsal! My mom won't be home from speaking at the practicum, so I'm going to have to do her hair and makeup. O.O HELP! I hope I do okay with that. I'm not completely incompetent in the art of beautification, but I'm not exactly an expert either. And I've never tried to apply eyeliner to anyone but myself. I'm also a big believer in less is more, so I hope I can bring myself to put enough on her so that she doesn't look washed out under the lights. I'm pretty sure I'm over-thinking this.
I started the final installment of The Farsala Trilogy today!! So far, it's fine. Not great or anything, but, I mean, I'm only on page like twenty-five. I'm not sure why I'm not at least halfway finished yet. Either I'm being lazy, or I just don't want the trilogy to end!! I think it's a little of both.
*incoming sarcasm* You should be proud to know that I wrote 619 words today. *sigh* I know, I know. I should be doing more than that, but at least I'm writing AT ALL. Yesterday was better. I wrote like...oh. Less than that. Well, one day recently, I wrote a bunch. I don't remember what day, Saturday or Sunday maybe. But I HAVE been writing. Promise :)
Tonight a family that goes to our church is coming over to eat ice cream, return my dad's tiller, and help us fix a problem with the stupid printer or something. Haha, I love having good friends! Abby and Jarrod are so much fun. I've mentioned them before. Abby is seven, Jarrod is nine. They crazy and fun :) So I'm looking forward to this evening.
Well, that's all I can think of to say! Hope I didn't bore you to death...anyway, carpe diem!


Anonymous said...

urgh... I hate ticks. I wouldn't say I'm a wuss, I just get marked by these kind of stuff. for example, I hardly eat cherries anymore because last summer I ate a larva (I bit the cherry, and when I looked at it I saw half of a larva squirming >_<)...

it's cool you're finally writing again =)

Kendra Logan said...

Ick! That would definitely make me hesitant to eat another cherry, too. *shudders* ...what did it taste like? Haha, I had to ask.

I know! Yay!

Gabrielle said...

I hate ticks too.

When we lived on the farm I got them a bunch, but now since we don't live in the woods anymore I don't get them much.

The cats do though. -_-

Kendra get outside. (Ha! I can't say anything. But I have been Walking Luna! Longer than two blocks mind you!)

Kendra Logan said...

Oh, yeah, Licky does, too -_-

Lol, I know, seriously. *sigh* How's Luna's training going?

Gabrielle said...

Pretty well. Still a pain in the butt but better.

In fact I am about to smack her if she doesn't calm down.

She's about to eat my dog...hold on....

Kendra Logan said...

Lols! Protect Gracie!! I love her!

Anonymous said...

XD it just tasted like a regular cherry. probably the only difference was extra proteins and stuff from the larva x]

I had a tick for 3 days in my bed once. it was in the summer and everybody thought I was alergic to pollen. then someone found and killed it lol

Kendra Logan said...

Ickkk! Lols! :)

*shudders* That would definitely creep me out. Every time I find a bug in my room, I'm paranoid for like a week!

Gabrielle said...

Ugh...now I'm going to have to examine EVERY cherry I eat. -_-

Luna's training is going...okay. She's still a pain in the butt when she's hyper but when she's calm, like she is now she's just fine. (She sitting in the recliner...lol what a sight. Great Dane in a chair) She's still cute all the time though! ^^

She tends to knock things over though!