Sunday, May 3, 2009


I know some of you like to write, so this might resonate with you :)

You know the feeling where you finally have a ending thought up for your character? You smile and think, "Yes! That's perfect!" and inwardly reassure your character that even though they're about to be eaten by six different mosters and have the love of their life threatened with death, the ending to their story is great.

I love to imagine my characters' endings. I make a lot of bad things happen to them, and it kills me, but I know it comes out just right. I mean, who doesn't love that warm, satisfied feeling when you read the last sentence in a book and just smile; everything happened exactly right. Not what you expected, and tons of terror between beginning and end, but everything turned out right.

Sometimes I feel like apologizing to my characters. I want to tell them to hang in there because I have things all worked out. For the best possible ending ever. And the bad guys totally GET IT in the end.

See, that's kind of how God is with us. He has my story (and yours) all thought out, with the ending just right! Bad things happen, but in the end, everything works out in the way it needs to, and the "bad guys" GET IT! Isn't that cool??

I love to think about it like that. I tend to be a huge worrier, so it's really calming to think that God has it all figured out anyway. My story is written, he's just kind of reading it now. He knows what's coming, and he laughs with me, cries with me, and knows that in the end, he's got the very best ending all picked out for me.

It's almost exciting. I mean, don't you love those books that have your stomach churning with anticipation? The main character is caught in a terrible situation, and you just can't imagine how the writer is going to get him out.

My life is a page-turner, and so is yours. Only God knows whats really goin' on, and he can't wait for us to find out, too! I almost picture a little boy jumping up and down saying, "See?? This is my favorite part!! I told you it turned out okay!" Isn't that cool?

So next time you're having a terrible day, or something really bad happens, just remember, God has your story all written, and it ends just right.


AEGIS said...

Wow, I absolutely love you for this post! It has totally just fixed my week! Really,seriously, honest, and truly. I'm not kidding! So thanx for your inspiration!

Kendra Logan said...

Wow! Thanks! Glad to help you in any way I could!

Anonymous said...

this was a soothing post, even though I'm not religious. I'm kinda melancholic right now, it happens to me sometimes... and this post calmed me down a bit. thanks

Kendra Logan said...

You're welcome, and thanks for saying so! I go through times when I just feel sort of depressed, too. Glad this lightened your mood a little :)