Thursday, May 28, 2009


Driving went much better today!! Everything went very good, actually. The only bad thing that happened was that I ran over a turtle. Yeahh...I tried to miss it, but instead I steered right onto it. *sigh* I also almost got this bird. He wouldn't move! I thought he would fly away, but he just SAT THERE! At the last second he flew away, though. The boys were like, "Wow, you weren't gonna move, were you?" And then when I hit the turtle like five minutes later, they were like, "What are you gonna hit next? Hey, look! Turkies!" -_- That's me. Just mowin' down wildlife.

But it was pretty hilarious.

Only now I feel so bad about killing the poor little turtle. *sob!*
Name Day! My faaaaaavorite!

Um. Hmm. A name...What should I do today?

Heheh, I have the perfect one:


It's a Native American name meaning "turtle" :P Oh, the humor of it all. Just kidding.

Definitely NOT something I would name my kid, but funny all the same.
Matt and Katie are coming over again today. My mom will pick them up at school, and they'll come home and do homework. Then Matt will have to go to this award banquet thing, and Katie will stay here and I'll help her study for a million tests. Seriously, she has like spelling, history, science, geography (I think), and something else. Poor kid.

Oh, this is really random, but we had to weigh the guys' luggage before they left for Jamaica, so we had to find our scale. I didn't even know we had a scale. But I weighed myself, and I weigh like 123. Haha, one, two, three. Yeah, anyway. It's just weird because I've almost never weighed myself. Only at the doctor. And I haven't been to the doctor in over a year. Before that, I hadn't been in about five years. Our family is disgustingly healthy :P We're not, like, health freaks or anything, we just never get sick. I've never had strep throat or the flu, and I've had four ear infections in my whole life.

*knocks on wood*

Well, I'm hungry. The leftover pizza in the 'fridge is calling my name. Ttyl! Carpe diem!

P.S. Thanks for following, Dressed Like Violence!

P.P.S. Is there a story behind that name? Just curious.

P.P.P.S. DAAARN! I was gonna start doing my followers' names for Name Day! Dangit, I forgot. Okay, here's a bonus name then: Seth. It's Hebrew and it means...let me look it up..."appointed". And it means that everywhere; no confusing multiple meanings this time :)


Anonymous said...

poor little awanata...

I must weigh around 60kg. how much is one two three in kg?

Kendra Logan said...

Lol :)

Let me google that...

...still looking...
...STILL looking...

Aha! Finally found it. Rounded up, I weigh 56kg.

Anonymous said...

you're light ^^

Kendra Logan said...

Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

well, not just to be nice ^_^ you really are. I weigh around 132 lbs, so... ^^ but then again I'm a guy and I'm a bit older
still, you're light lol

Kendra Logan said...

Yeah, I was gonna say that guys usually weigh more than girls.

When's your birthday? I mean, I know your a little older, I'm just curious, lol!

Anonymous said...

I was born on december 3rd 93

AEGIS said...

Wow! 29 followers! Congrats!

GracieTheFirst said...


How much I weigh shall remain secret.

Poor turtles... lol.