Saturday, November 21, 2009


My sister Lizzy and I are complete opposites. Everything about us is different and opposite. We still get along (mostly, haha), but we're completely different.

I have brown hair and blue-green eyes.
My favorite color is green, and I hate purple.
If I had one wish, it'd be for an older brother.
I like soup because I don't like to eat, and I'm good in every subject but math and science.
I'd rather be hot than cold, and summer is my season.
I'd rather read and write than just about anything, but if I'm watching a movie it'll be action-packed and full of suspense and clever dialogue.
When it comes to cleaning, I'm a big believer in "Let's don't and say we did".
My room is organized chaos: it's messy, but I know EXACTLY where everything is.
I'm sort of OCD, though, and if something isn't symmetrical, it irritates me to no end.
I'm terrible about procrastinating.
I'm persuasive and mischievous and enjoy getting around the rules.
If a rule is stupid, I will break it just to bother you.
You can yell at me all day, I don't mind, and the whole guilt-trip thing is lost on me.
Overall I'm a green-loving, persuasive, tom-boy-rebel who should have been born in Florida with an older brother.

She has blue eyes and blonde hair, but darker eyebrows which she worries about all the time.
She loves blue and likes purple, and she likes to cook, too.
She likes to eat, but she's still skinny.
Where I would kill for an older brother, she'd like to have a little sister.
Reading and writing are basically the bane of her existence, and she works herself up every time she has to do either.
She hates being hot and would probably thrive in Alaska.
She's an absolute neat-freak and if something isn't SPOTLESS, she'll scrub it for half an hour (I wish I were kidding).
When relaxing she likes hanging out with the family and is a lover of chick-flicks.
She okay with word play if you explain it to her, but it's really not her thing.
She's very helpful and kind and easy to guilt-trip and if you yell at her she'll cry.
She's huge on rules, she'll follow them even if they make no sense. If the dentist tells her not to eat for two hours, she won't eat after it's been an hour and fifty-minutes seconds. She might even wait an EXTRA hour just to be on the safe side.
Overall she's a very sweet and fun neat-freak who believes in following the letter AND the spirit of the law.

And there you have it.
Opposite. Complete opposites.

I'm Evil where she's Good.
She's Clean where I'm Messy.
I'm Chill where she's Freaking Out.
She's Helpful where I'm Clueless.

Opposites, but sisters, and that's enough the same for me. I love her no matter how she is <3



Madison said...

Hi, Kendra! Thanks for your comments. :-)

(I think you should watch or read Death Note. :P)

KnightWing said...

You'd want an older brother? Hmm... Why's that?

(Oh, and I finally started writing Teen Justice again. Lemme know what you think)

Kendra Logan said...

Madison: No problem! I might look it up on youtube sometime, haha!

KnightWing: It might take a long time to explain, even though there isn't really a reason. It's just what I've wanted literally ever since I could talk. I've been trying to figure out exactly why for a while, but I'm not sure. There are lots of reasons. I'll post about it tomorrow!

Awesome! I really love your writing style or something. You manage to keep me very entertained for long periods of time, sometime difficult to do on the computer :)

KnightWing said...

Well thanks! I appreciate it more than you'll ever know. :)

Actually, when I was younger I always wanted a younger sister, for a lot of reasons.

Kendra Logan said...

You're very welcome!

Too bad we never met, that would have been perfect :-/ Haha.

KnightWing said...


Well, if you'd like, I can be your "internet older brother."

Kendra Logan said...

As weird as that might sound to other people, I would be more than happy to be your "internet little sister".

*is smiling much bigger than the situation probably calls for*

KnightWing said...


GracieTheFirst said...

Kendra- You and Lizzy are just like me and my sister Sarah. Exact opposites. :P

Rochelle Blue said...

ditto here! My sister, May and I are complete and utter opposites!
it sounds like you have a great bond with your sister though, and really, that's all that matters... =)


Gabrielle said...

Is it good or bad that I'm more like you? lol
Or at least from what you listed.

You both rock, it's awesome that you guys are two totally different people.

I'm a lot like my brothers in some things...more on the looks side. XD

Anonymous said...

death note <3

i don't have a brother or sister, but i grew up with my aunt (who's 5 years older than me) and we are opposites too o_O we were always arguing though