Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Inspiration Tag! And Magic Ring Part III

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Guess what? I'VE BEEN TAGGED!! How fun is that? Thanks, Ciaraaaa:) (I also just noticed that your URL is "davetheninja". I LOVE THAT.

Okay, so it's called the Inspiration Tag, and you pick pictures for it, then tag people who inspire you. And you have to tell WHY.

1. Choose one picture that makes you "cringe like *heck*" (hehe, censored!)
2. Choose two pictures that just amaze you.
3. Choose one picture that shows your dreams and aspirations.

This is gonna be FUN!!!

Okay, cringe...So, I don't cringe that easily...only two things can guarantee a good wince from me: things being torn off/out (fingernails, eyeballs, etc.) and guys screaming. The latter just freaks me out and I have trouble sleeping. It must be psychological. It just scares me.

But, most of you probably don't want to see someone's smashed finger, so I won't put it here. If you're crazy, click HERE :D

Amaze 1 (CLICK ON IT) I love this. I love the moon and majestic-feeling stuff.

Amaze 2 (It's China)
Now, everyone knows that I want to be a writer and a lawyer, so that's no fun at all. So...guess what?
I "secretly" want to learn how to fence. I really, really do. Unfortunately, whoever invented the GUN sort of ruined it for all us swordmen (or women) wannabes. I mean, nowadays the bad guy could shoot you befor you've even drawn your sword.

And that was the Inspiration Tag. Now, I have to tag four people who inspire me. That's hard. Inspiration for me doesn't usually come from people, at least not "real" people. Famous figures might inspire me, but mostly it's music, books, and exercising (runner's high, there's nothing like it). The main "real" person who inspires me doesn't blog, so forget him/her/it ;) Alright, I tag...

1. David Bailey--my Daddy :)
2. Gabrielle--BFF!!
3. Ellie B--BFF!!
4. Ember-- ;)

Don't be sad if I didn't tag you. I wouldn't have really tagged anyone except that I HAVE to, haha! Inspiration is rarely from people for me.

Okay, now here's the next except from The Magic Ring (this is the last thing in this post, so if you don't care about the Ring, stop reading...NOW ;P)

The Magic Ring
Written at age 12-13
Total number of words: 4,214
Words in this installment: 527

Personal Ratings (1-10):
Plot: 5.5
Style: 7
Last installment go HERE

Part III:

It was the ugliest ring Katelyn had ever seen in her whole life. It was so ugly it almost made you want to cry. It looked like it had belonged to a rich, stuffy person from the eighteenth century.

“Oh, wow,” Katelyn said in a wooden voice. “I’ve never, ever seen anything like this before.” No one I knew was capable of producing such hideousness. “I’ll keep this very safe.” Like in a vault that I’ll never, ever, open. The ring had a thick gold band and a huge, reddish brown jewel in the middle. It was all Katelyn could do not to grimace. Jamie, who was leaning over Katelyn’s shoulder, gave a little gasp of horror. Caroline’s smile was frozen on her face. Mrs. Mullen had her hand over Emily’s mouth so she wouldn’t say anything.

“It’s given to the middle daughter on her thirteenth birthday,” Gram explained. “Your grandfather and I only had two children, so I didn’t have the chance to give it to one of my own. It’s been in the family for hundreds of years and is treasured beyond all compare.”

“Like I said,” began Katelyn. “I’ll keep it really safe.” Remember the vault? Gram still looked irritated to have to give it to Katelyn. It was as though she didn’t think Katelyn was worthy and she wished that Jamie or Emily had been the middle.

“I trust you will, Katelyn Elizabeth,” replied Gram. “And I know you will be so proud of it that you will want to wear everywhere…”

So much for the vault. Maybe I can lose it…

“…and whatever happens, don’t lose it!” Gram finished.

So much for that idea. Silence filled the air.

“Well,” Mrs. Mullen began. “I see Roger driving up now. Let’s all have dessert.”
“Oh, Jamie!” groaned Katelyn to her sister that night as they were getting ready for bed. Jamie and Katelyn shared a room and Emily got her own because Emily talked in her sleep and it would wake up anyone who slept in the same room. “I hate that ring!” Jamie nodded sympathetically.

“It’s pretty ugly,” she agreed. “But remember, you only have to wear whenever Gram and Pap are around.” Katelyn wrinkled her nose.

“I wish I could just forget about it!” she declared. “What a waste! A perfectly good notebook or fantasy story replace with an ugly old ring.” Jamie looked at her.

“Katie,” she said. “Don’t be ungrateful. It might be ugly, but it’s the thought that counts.” Katelyn glared at her older sister.

“You might feel differently if it were your birthday present,” she pointed out. Jamie shrugged as she climbed into bed.

“Maybe,” she agreed. Emily wandered in from her room down the hall.

“Whacha talking about?” she demanded. “That ugly ring?” Katelyn shot Emily a look.

“None of your beeswax,” she snapped. “Go back to bed.” Emily wrinkled her nose.

“Are you gonna wear that ring for real?” she asked. Katelyn shook her head.

“Not if I can help it,” she replied. “Now go away.” With one last pout, Emily went back to her room. Jamie turned out the lights and everyone went to sleep


Anonymous said...

that's a cool tag ^_^
i'm not reading the story now, i have to read the other parts first...

Gabrielle said...

Sorry, didn't get to read the whole thing but I saw the fencing part!

You should have told me! I'd love to fence! :D
I've always wanted to learn to sword fight and learn how to use Sam's Bokan(Sp?)