Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm studying DNA and genes in biology this week; you know, what makes you, you. Your DNA controls your physical characteristics almost entirely. You can lift weights or something to get stronger, of course, but there's actually a limit to how far you can go. Your DNA determines that limit.

But what about our thoughts and personalities? I've been told that I "act just like my mom" sometimes, but is that because of my DNA, or my mom's influence on me throughout my life? Hmm.

Peoples' personalities are (obviously) very different. I can't figure some people out, and other I understand perfectly. Some people love the color purple, and others (like me) find it a horrible color for whatever reason (sorry, purple-lovers :)). Some love to read, others don't. Some think Obama is the best thing since remote controls, others think it wouldn't hurt him to be a little less like one.

I have often wondered what makes us who we are. DNA to some extent, parental influence to some, God shaping us to some as well, but who are WE?

What is YOU?

I don't mean what do you like. I don't mean when you go shopping and see a cute jacket that is "so you". I mean what are you. Where is the "you" in your body? What makes you, YOU?

If I cut off your finger, is that finger "you"?

Well, yes and no...It's PART of you, but it's not really YOU...

Okay, so you aren't in your finger.

I tend to think people are in their heads. But it's not as if you could dissect someone's brain and find a little piece inside that's "them".

So...what makes us who we are?

It's our minds, yes. Our thoughts. But what are thoughts? Just electric impulses in our brains? How do little electric impulses tell us right and wrong, what to like, how to act? How do little electric impulses make us love to read, or write, or go horseback riding, or paint? How do little electric impulses tell us to be scared, happy, sad, or excited? How do little electric impulses make us love and hate?

Maybe we'll never really know what thoughts are. Maybe people DO know and I just don't yet :) But it's really kind of interesting, isn't it? What separates "you" from "your body"? What are thoughts?

Just something to think about ;)

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A Spark of Strength: Six fire fairy slaves are forced to entertain the the evil Fire Lord. One night things get too much for them to take and they run away--dragging an unexpected helper with them. In the midst of hiding from the Fire Lord, they encounter an interesting elf who may ruin Ember's love life forever. A little over 24,000 words long. Completed. Written when I was 12-14 years old.

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The Strange Lives of Zillah and Ria: Two sisters, suddenly kidnapped to another world. They meet two brothers and another strange companion who reveals their true heritage. Almost 15,000 words. Written when I was 12.


Lady Brainsample said...

Tabula rasa!!! Ever read about John Locke? Among other things, he argued that the mind was a blank slate and that we are what our experiences made us.

And then of course there's the philosophy presented in Orson Scott Card's later Ender books: the aiĆ¹a. (see here )

I think that to some extent, we can't really understand self at all. God created us in his image (ie, He is Father-Son-Spirit; we are body-mind-soul) and just as we can't understand how God can be one God, but in three persons, we can't really understand how the different parts of ourselves weave together to make us what we are.

GracieTheFirst said...

I think this post was another one those: "God Moments"
at least for me.

I can't begin to tell you (and I dont even want to try! lol!) how much this post helped me. :D

Kendra Logan said...

Lady Brainsample: I have! I thought about him when I was writing this. I had a semester of philosophy last year, and LOVED it. I mean, really. I trumped literature, which is saying a LOT :)

Several of my friends have read the Ender books. I definitely will try to check them out.

Good point! I had not thought of it like that before.

Gracie: Yay!! God moments are the best :)

KnightWing said...

This seems like more of a Noctem post.

And good points; your logic makes a lot of sense. :)

Logan said...

It's interesting to look at little kids who are siblings. You could have two brothers, both younger than age 3 or 4, living in the same house, same parents, same environments, same food, influences, etc. and they have completely different personalities!

Kendra Logan said...

KnightWing: I thought the same thing! Maybe I'll copy it to CN later today...

Thank you!

Logan: Yeah, it's crazy, isn't it?