Thursday, November 4, 2010

Four Ninety-Seven...

This post, this one right here, is post 497. Four hundred ninety-seven. Cuatrocientos noventa y siete. Yup.

So, that's only three posts away from the Big 500! Can you believe it?? I missed the Big 400, but I'm determined not to miss 500. This needs to be awesome...epic...legit.

Unfortunately, I've been...let's just say "less than the most active blogger" lately. My posts are beginning to be few and far between, and my activity on other blogs, frankly, sucks. (I do read your blogs, I promise, I just suck at commenting these days.) I'm trying to fix that.

But the point is that it makes a big celebration kind of hard. I'm not particularly in touch with the blogosphere right now. I feel out of practice as far as being the fun and funny blogger I used to be. I'd like to get back to my old self with the Big 500, but it needs to get started with a bang.

Basically, this post has been a grossly extended version of this simple question:

What should I do to celebrate ~Carpe Diem~'s five hundredth post?

I like things that make sense, so maybe five hundred of something. Five hundred questions, five hundred facts about writing, five hundred quotes, five hundred...somethings.

Any ideas? I know I'm asking you to please comment when I've been terrible at doing that myself, but...please? :3

I'll see you again soon--promise.



Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...


You could type 500 things about yourself! WAHAHA! If you were that open to telling people personal info...;) could do 500 things you hate/like. (But that's kinda like the suggestion above) could do something weird and practical like a SENTENCE with 500 words...if that would be possible (I've never It would obviously have to make sense as well!
:) brain is fried....good luck!


Izori said... could list 500 crazy things you've ever done. You could list 500 favorite Bible verses. You could list 500 things that you wish would or wouldn't happen to you. Uh...I can't really think of any more original ideas.

Kendra Logan said...

I love all those ideas! Y'all are much more creative than I am right now... :D Thanks!

Hm, maybe if I get enough ideas, I'll be able to do five hundred different things...

Lol, probably not, but anything is possible! :D


achieve1dream said...

Don't feel bad for being absent. We all get busy and we all understand (or at least I do).

You could also do a list of five hundreds things you want to do in your life. I love doing that. It's so fun to think of all the exciting things I can do someday. You could even organize it and do one hundred practical ones, one hundred you don't think would ever happy but would be so cool, etc. Just a thought. :)