Monday, November 22, 2010

So, Kirsten's Over...

I'm here with my friend Kirsten. She is cohosting my 500 Anniversary Celebration! :D

30 Random Things Kirsten and I Thought of For This List:
331. This week is "Change Your Picture to a Cartoon Character" on Facebook. We highly recommend DOING IT.
332. "Not you, WESLEY, you're a RRRRABBIT for heaven's sake."
334. We played dress up today.
335. We took exams today.
336. Kirsten failed an exam. (NOTE FROM STEPHANIE: She BARELY failed. Two points, and it was a freaking hard test, and she knew a ton of it when we looked at it after the fact.)
337. She likes animals.
338. She's allergic to aspirin and sulfa.
339. She's obsessed with my purple hippo named Happy.
340. We did crazy makeup today.
341. Facebook chat is annoying.
342. I love red peppers, Kirsten thinks they're gross.
343. And blecky.
344. We like the song "G6." Like, a lot.
345. Also, "Low." And we can dance to it.
346. I had ramen today.
347. Raw AND regular.
348. We watched "The Devil Wears Prada" for the first time, and it was good.
349. Kirsten, as you know, works at Subway.
350. She just now freaked out that I had told you guys that. She called me a stalker. I am deeply wounded and offended at such vicious name-calling.
351. Kirsten: "The truth hurts."
352. This list is rambling.
353. I had it all planned out that I would end this list thing on Thursday, Thanksgiving, but I feel like I may have misjudged that a little...seeing how it's like three days away and I'm still 150 to go...
354. I'm wearing my sock monkey footies.
355. We're going to go watch "The Swan Princess" til our eyes fall out in a minute.
356. We're going to a lunch tomorrow for a grade we're not in to have food we don't like (chili). It'll be great :D
357. I'm going to Disney on Saturday.
358. I hope I'll get a ton of school done before then, because we have a ton of assignments to do, and I want to actually have a break...
359. We want to go see "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" at midnight >:D
360. My cartoon character is Belle; Kirsten's is RUFUSSSSSS.


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Elizabeth said...

LOL, awesome random stuff XD. If I had a facebook, I would totally change it to a cartoon character :D. Probably Toph, from Avatar... And how did the game go on the 20th?!?!