Friday, November 19, 2010

Today's Post :D

The past couple of days have been somewhat of a pleasant surprise. Instead of having four days to get my school work done, this final week of school this semester is only TWO days.

Nothing like having your work load doubled and your time to do it cut in half, right?

I didn't think it'd be that bad until I started looking at all the stuff I had to do yesterday...XD It looks pretty bad.

But having to buckle down and work has actually made me buckle down and work. Weird how that works, isn't it? I actually did school yesterday night, which basically never happens. I usually get sick of everything and quit around 4 o'clock.

Today, I got up at a good time and really hit the books. I've been working steadily since 9 o'clock (so 7 hours, 'cause I took about an hour for lunch etc.). I'm still not where my schedule says I should be, but realistically, I'm doing great.

I'm planning to get up tomorrow like it's a normal school day and work until the Wake Forest game.

Did you catch that? WAKE. FOREST. GAME.

My awesome friend Kirsten invited me and my dad to go with her and her dad :D I'm extremely excited and having fun thinking up ways to show team spirit. At the risk of sounding hopelessly girly, I'll tell you that I have it all planned to wear my gold and black eyeliner...

Ways to Get Away from Pushy Salespeople (from Consumer Reports magazine XD):
241. Say you're just looking. Most likely they won't want to waste their time on you.
242. Be decisive. Either tell them you're ready to check out, or that you'll look on your own and let them know if you have a question.
243. Say you're comparison shopping. You'll seem like a savvy shopper not easily impressed by slick talk.
244. Use body language. Don't smile or make eye contact.
245. Be direct. If a salesperson is being rude, ask them if they're having a rough day. It'll make them check their behavior.
246. Go elsewhere.
247. Give a canned answer. When a salesperson asks you one of those right-out-of-a-book questions ("Would you like to save a hundred dollars today?"), give them an out-of-a-book answer--or two or three ("No thank you, excuse me, goodbye.").
248. Develop "the look." You know what I mean. The look of hitting the mall with a toddler. A cross between exasperation and madness.
249. Ask for a business card.
(there were only 9 suggestions, so the following comes straight from me XD)
250. Ask ridiculous and slightly annoying questions. (Do you know who first invented the fork? Are the toilets for sale by any chance? Can you direct me to the book on liger metabolism?)

Stories I've Started:
251. Cammie and Cousins
252. The Girl and the Ring
253. The Fire Fairy stories
254. The Mirror
255. A Tale of Ethnoc
256. Dream Come True
257. Desirae Mayes
258. Tunder
259. The Magic Ring
260. Vega

Poems I've Written:
261. Twins
262. My Guy
263. To Baffle the Bilious Bureaucracy
264. Broken Heart Summer
265. Kings and Dragons
266. Lines
267. Colors
268 The Globe and the Map
269. The Elven Lady’s Plea
270. 50 Word Friday



Camellia Day said...

School work has done the same to me. When I was at the Vantreases house today [Mom had to work.] instead of ignoring my school work I actually did some Science test catching up and studying! Crazy, huh?
Sorry that you have only a short amount of time to get your school work done though. :/

Steph said...

Haha, that's totally how I am when I'm doing work! I can't ever focus enough to get very much done. It might have something to do with the fact that I have issues working during the day due to the fact I'm a public schooler at heart, but that doesn't explain why I can't just dicipline myself to just sit down and finish my job! I can't ever work until it's dark outside. It's a little strange.

achieve1dream said...

Those are good suggestions on the salesperson thing. Yours is good too. I can't stand pushing salespeople.