Friday, November 12, 2010

Kendra's 500 Begins!


WOOOOOT! Can you believe it?? ~Carpe Diem!~ is two years old! It's a toddler! It's speaking in full sentences! Soon it should hit the terrible

But it's also the 500th Post Celebration!!!

Do you know what this means?????questionmark?

I gotta post 500 of something. I'll spend hours and hours trying to figure out things that would hold your attention and interest you and not seem narcissistic.

And then you won't actually READ all 500 things anyway...>.>


I got to thinking.

What if I milked this a little? What if I spread my 500 things over the course of a couple of weeks? Give it to you in pieces that wouldn't require you to pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, buckle down and stay glued to my blog for an hour and a half?

I figured, that might be nice.

I've put my 500 things into convenient little bundles of 10. I have 50 different categories of awesome, so what if I post, say, 3 a day for a little while?

Yes, I realize this would have been better if I'd had a COUNTDOWN to my 500th post instead of STARTING this at the big five-oh-oh, but hey, good ideas can come better late than never, right? :D

Also, this smaller-bits-at-a-time idea is NOT a result of Kendra waiting until 11:12 at night to think of 500 freaking things.

I hope you're not mad :( I honestly do have 355 things already. Only about 150 to think of.

Anyway, without further adeu, the first 3 categories in Kendra's 500...

*drumroll* (<-- Does that hurt your eyes? 'Cause it hurts my eyes.)

Things I Am

1. Friendly
2. Stubborn
3. Ambitious
4. Persuasive
5. A writer
6. Unique
7. Confusing
8. Complicated
9. A screw-up
10. A Christian

Things I'm Not
11. A jealous person
12. A fake
13. Dull
14. Wishy-washy
15. A touchy-feely person
16. A Justin Bieber fan
17. A Justin Bieber hater
18. Quiet
19. Stupid
20. Normal

I Plan On...

21. Going to Wake Forest
22. Majoring in political science
23. Minoring in philosophy
24. Getting married
25. Having kids
26. Writing
27. Arguing
28. Staying up late
29. Making mistakes
30. Living for God

Hopefully, I'll see you next time, when Kendra's 500 continues!


achieve1dream said...

Yep I think spreading it out is a great idea! I would have read it all even if it was in one post but it probably would not have been in one sitting. :D At least this way we have something to look forward to.

Oh and you are not a screw up I'm sure, although everyone feels like that at some time or another. :)

Congrats on two years and 500 posts!

Camellia Day said...

It's kind of good you're spreading it out because I would take up a chunk of my school work time staring at your blog. Kind of like I'm doing now...

Rae B said...

THe green does hurt my eyes. lol.

You are going for Philosophy? Whoa! Good luck! It's spinning circles around my brain...

And you plan on Arguing? Arguing what?


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

* * * AWESOME! * * *

Love your idee about cutting it into pieces instead of all at once =D
I can't wait to see the next 3 categories!

(Yes...that green writing DID hurt my poor widdle eyes...."sniff" ~ :(


Elizabeth said...

Splitting it up is a great idea, and I loved reading your first three, and YES THAT GREEN KILLS... lol :D. Happy Blogoversary!

Kendra Logan said...

achieve: Yay :D I'm glad you feel that way :D

Well, maybe I'm not "a screw up," but I've definitely screwed up! XD

Thank you :D

Camellia: I always want to spell your name with one L.

Yeah XD I spend way too much time on blogs and such when I should be researching something or writing a paper...

Rachael: Lols, sorry XD

Yes! I LOVE philosophy! It's one of my favorite classes. I loved it in 9th grade, and love it again this year. "Sophie's World" was great. My class gets pretty deep, too, which makes it more fun. I feel like it just opens my mind so much.

Arguing...anything! XD I love to argue. Sometimes I do it when I'm just bored or feel like it. People who know me well understand that I don't always mean it in a bad way, sometimes I just argue for the sport of it!

Laura: Thanks! :D And sorry about your eyes XD Heh heh hehhh...>.>

Elizabeth: Haha XD Hope you enjoy the next categories :D And thank you!!

Love y'all!