Friday, November 12, 2010

Kendra's 500 Continues!

In honor of ~CD~ turning two, and my 500th post, I'm doing 500 different things spread over a week or so. Get ready for 30 more things...

I Wish...
31. I had an older brother.
32. I had a license.
33. I had a smaller nose.
34. I could read minds.
35. I could control minds (haha, just kidding XD Ish).
36. Jeremy Sumpter lived next door.
37. I had started my 500 things earlier.
38. I'd paid more attention in school my whole life.
39. Crayons would never get dull.
40. I had a bigger family.

10 Celebrity Crushes!
41. ****Jeremy Sumpter**** (<--depending on where you click, there are 3 pictures there XD) 42. ***Hayden Christensen*** (He has one of those smiles that you have to smile back to because your insides are melting.)
43. **Drew Roy**
44. *Michael J. Fox*
45. Alex Pettyfer (<--two pictures in there, too XD)
46. Jesse McCartney
47. Cameron Bright
48. William Moseley
49. Orlando Bloom
50. Shane West

Favorite Movies
51. Aladdin
52. Peter Pan
53. Beauty and the Beast
54. The Bourne movies
55. Braveheart
56. The Sting
57. The Oceans movies
58. The Matrix
59. Pirates of the Caribbean
60. 17 Again

Stay tuned for Dos and Don'ts for Guys, as well as About Girls tomorrow! :D



achieve1dream said...

Wow we like a lot of the same movies!

I like the I Wish part. If I could have a super power I would choose shapeshifting. That would be soooo cool. I would just choose flying but with shapeshifting I can fly and do a whole lot more. :)

Camellia Day said...

So, you're celebrity crushes had me drooling. You have good taste.

And about the I wish #38---I know just how you feel and wish I did more than I do now.

Now if you excuse me I'm going to go make certain pictures my background now. Haha!

Kendra Logan said...

achieve: That's awesome! I'm an action/adventure movie person, but I like a clever chick-flick every now and then :D

Ooh! That is an awesome superpower. I also really like invisibility and teleportation...

Camellia: Why thank you :D I can't think about them too much or I start giggle like a middle school girl >.> XD

I'm trying more and paying more attention in school this year, and I feel really proud of myself, haha! Hopefully what I learn this year will actually stick with me for longer than a semester at a time.

Heh, you can Google ">enter guy's name< wallpaper" ...>:D


samarah said...

I haven't been on your blog in a while! so sorry about that, there never seems to be enough time to read all the blogs I want to!
It's really not like me to have celebrity crushes but I do have to agree with you on William Moseley *wink*wink* You have pretty good taste ;)