Sunday, November 21, 2010

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20 Things History Class Has Taught Me This Week
301. I hold my breath when I’m stressed.
302. “Sovereignty” is hard to spell.
303. It is completely possible—and not uncommon—to fight for the right thing in the wrong way.
304. Making 56 billion typos every 6 words makes me want to scream.
305. I love Wikipedia.
306. Politicians have always been this way.
307. The computer screen starts to hurt your eyes after 3 hours.
308. I still don’t like Lincoln that much.
309. It is the “Gadsden” Purchase, not the “Gadson.”
310. I seriously do love Wikipedia.
311. Cranberry Sierra Mist in a wine glass is really good.
312. I am really OCD.
313. I can actually work really hard when I try :O
314. What the Ostend Manifesto is.
315. I might marry Wikipedia.
316. I love computers.
317. Facebook is only distracting if you let it be.
318. Food holds even less of my attention when I’m stressed or busy.
319. I can successfully condense 52 of material into 6.
320. All things are possible with God.

Things I Think Are Stupid:

321. The law that you must wear a seat belt. That’s MY business. If I want to get killed in a car wreck, the government should let me. As long as I’m not hurting anyone else, let me make my own choices.
322. “Food may be hot after heating” warnings on microwavable lunches. Gee, it’ll be hot after heating? I pity the fool who needs that reminder.
323. When middle schoolers try to make everything into an innuendo because they think it’s cool. I have nothing against a good “That’s what she said” every now and then, but when you stretch “Ring Around a Rosy” to mean something bad, you’ve gone too far.
324. Professional wrestling. It’s staged. That’s lame.
325. Serving green beans without a slotted spoon.
326. People who don’t believe in Peter Pan (;P)
327. Weak fingernails.
328. Those strings on corn that get stuck in your teeth.
329. Hangnails.
330. Running out of things to say (which I obviously am…>.>)


P.S. This time tomorrow, I will be a free girl until January. (Well, not exactly, but freER :D)

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And I have no clue why or how I did it... >.>


achieve1dream said...

I don't necessarily think the laws for seat belts or obvious warning labels are stupid. I think it's stupid that there are people stupid enough to require them! You should look at other warning labels. It is ridiculous what they put on them, but if they don't they will get sued when some idiot tries to do something stupid. That's what irritates me. It's not the laws and labels, it's the stupid people.

Sorry you're stressed. At least you're almost done with school for a while. :)

Camellia Day said...

I have to agree with achieve1dream.

I know the stressed feeling but I have this strange feeling that you're a little MORE stressed! Haha!