Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Double Tagged

Today is going fine. Nothing really to report. I might go to Cavender's lacrosse game later. That should be interesting considering I know NOTHING about lacrosse XD (But at least I know about football, huh, Cavender? :P)

School is going a'ight. We're supposed to be starting our Lincoln-Douglas debate this week D: That's a one-on-one debate... Our teacher didn't explain it at all, and yet we're supposed to work on it this week...? Ugh, I'm confused and already stressed -_- And it's only day two. *sigh*

Well, I was tagged by Bleah Briann. This is a unique tag in more ways than one! This particular tag was created by Bleah, but part of the tag is to make your own. When you tag people, they will take your and then create one themselves. The people you tag will take yours, and make one of their own, etc. Here we go!

The Way I like to Say Hello:
In real life, just "Hey :)". In chats online, either "Hey" or "Hai" XD

Once Upon A Time...(finish the sentence): no way to begin this story.

When I was five my favorite item was:
Hmm, I'm not sure if I had a favorite item then...Probably my dollhouse. I loved that thing. I still do!

What I like between two peices of bread best is:
Turkey and pepper.

When I grow up I want to be a/an:
WriterLawyerTeacherWifeMom. Oh yeah.

I like:
Summer, dancing, words, feeling free, being with my friends.

I really, really want:
Since "No school" is too obvious, I'm going to go with...I don't even know actually.

I desperately need:

If I could color my hair any color I would color it:
I don't think I would. I don't really mind my hair color, and if you color it you have to keep going to get it done...Not for me.

People often call me:
Weird :D XD

I'm terrified of:
Losing people. (Also spiders, food poisoning, and tapeworms XD)

The Way I like To Say Goodbye:
Talk to you later :)

Now I have to make a tag. Hmm. Let's see...

1. Do you believe the world will end in 2012?

2. Which scares you more: things that happen outside your body (like falling off a cliff, getting punched in the face, a spider biting you, etc.) or things that happen inside your body (like diseases, emotions, ignorance, etc.)?
Definitely things that happen inside my body.

3. Briefly describe your life in ten years.
Hmm, I'll be 26. Mkay, if I am still planning to be a lawyer, I'll be just finishing up school. I sort of want to be married by then, but maybe not kids yet. It would be so hard to keep up with school and kids. Hopefully I'll still be writing. It would be cool to have a book published by then. I hope I'll have retained my love for words and imagination and am on the path God wants for me.

4. What do you think is the most power thing in the world, and why?
Words. Words are definitely the most powerful thing in the world in my opinion. Sure, friends, love, and compassion are big, but how are those things expressed? Lots of times, with words. You can persuade people to do the right thing with words. You can make a difference with words. You can spread knowledge with words. You can change the world with words. Words are the way people communicate, and without communication, where would anyone be?

5. What high-school stereotype would you put yourself in?
Either the weirdos or the normal kids. Definitely not running with the popular crowd, but not *quite* a nerd.

6. Why did you start blogging?
I was part of the Pen-Wielders' Guild, and I thought blogging would be interesting to do on my own. My class also started a blog, Students of Serendipity. I've always had lots of ideas floating around in my head, and I thought blogging would be the way to capture them all in one place.

7. What's your favorite animal at the zoo?
Lions. I heard one roar one time. That was AWESOME. It was just O.O So cool.

8. Gold or silver?

9. Light or dark?
No such thing as darkness, just the absence of light.

10. Good or evil?
Without evil there couldn't be good.

Okay. *whew* Finished XD Now, you take my tag, do it on your blog, and make one of your own! I'll tag anyone who wants to do it XD Go for it. Can't wait to read your answers!



Tunafish said...

I'll just do a few here...

1. The world probably won't end in 2012 so no.
2. Things inside my body cuse they affect what goes on outside.
4. I would have to say GOD =P but other than Him, I'd say love. Yes, it's overused and a cliche yada yada yada... but really, if you don't have love, you're just like a clanging cymbal or a resounding gong. If you speak in the tongues of men and angels, faith to move mountains, the gift of prophecy, all knowledge and wisdom, serve with everything you have or even sacrifice your body to the flames without love, it is nothing. You can express love without words, through actions. Christ died for us because He loved and loves us. People do things for and care about other people because they love them. Now, not all feelings/decisions/choices/actions are worthy of being called love, but the love from GOD and within the Church is the most powerful thing on the earth. And it Heaven for that matter! =)
6. I started blogging October 2008. It was a school thing but then I found that I liked it and thought I'd be able to blog with some classmates... well that didn't happen =P Now I'm just blogging cuse I like it and maybe because everyone else hates it =P
8. Silver. All the way.
9. Idk, I kinda like dark... but light can be really cool too...
10. Um, who wants to be evil?? Well some people do I guess. Stupid people. But I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. When GOD made the world, before Adam and Eve sinned, He called what He had made good and man He called very good. GOD could have stopped evil from entering the world and defeated Satan, or even made it impossible for him to fall and the world would still be full of good, naked people as well as other goods. I mean, you can see good better when you put it next to evil or something like that, but Heaven will be full of good. No evil, weeping or pain. Perfect and good =) Can't wait!! Sorry, I tend to write allot when I'm into something... =) Jesus loves you!

Milli said...

Can I do that tag?

Awesome answers:]

Gracie said...

Those are really thoughtful answers and questions. I wish I paid more attention to writing more eloquently and fluently.

achieve1dream said...

Cool tag! I might try it sometime in the next few days, but there is a lot going on so no promises. I enjoyed reading it though. :)