Friday, March 5, 2010

Kendra's Great Wolf List

Things About Going To A Water Park:
1. Water
2. Parks
3. Wave pools
4. Snacks
5. Lifeguards XD (Lols, just kidding.)
6. Friends
7. Hours of relatively mindless fun

Things About Going To A Water Park When You're SIXTEEN:
1. You are expected to find and wear waterproof makeup (-_-)
2. You can no longer giggle about the seventeen-year-old lifeguards without drawing legit attention to yourself.
3. You're not allowed on that little slide :(
4. You can't sit on the inflatable worm without being told by a small child that you're being immature.
5. You become self-conscious that your legs are banged up and look like they belong on a ten-year-old.
6. You have to buy your own food instead of mooching off your parents. (*sigh* XD)
7. You have to think about all the schoolwork you're NOT getting done because you're going down the Howlin' Tornado instead.

*sigh* XD

This trip will be fun. I will sit on the worm and ignore the children. I will bring money to buy nachos and smoothies made with fake fruit. I will not let my cuter, made-up friends make me feel retarded.

:D This will be fun.

It will be.



♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

You're still gloating about your oldness? haha. lol. I also love ur mood thing, phineas and ferb. I love that show. :)

Kendrabelle Logan said...

Bleah: Lols, definitely not gloating. More like complaining.

Tunafish said...

It will =) if you stop worrying =P I always have fun... but then, I don't wear make up, I'm not gay, I hang out with little cousins usually so I get 'permission' =P, same =P, I'm a boy so I'm expected to be beat up... at least in the real world =P and have hairy legs..., my parents or whoever (aunt, uncle) usually pay for lunch, I find time =P I wanna go to one sometime... it's been awhile. Oh, have you been to the largest indoor water park in Indiana? It was pretty cool. The first day we went, we paid and went in but had to wait for a thunderstorm to pass... so we waited for an hour! so we got a couple hours of fun out of that day afterward, and got a free day pass for the day after! 2 days in one! Pretty sweet =) Have fun! Jesus loves you! =)

Taylor said...

Getting older definitely makes you reconsider some things...but when you stop and think, your never too old to do anything. I can definitely relate! Just have fun because life is short and there are a million other things that you could be worrying about!

Milli said...

Aww. I love the inflatable worm!

Einar said...

Bah! Have fun at the water park and to heck with what other peoples think. People who think noodles are immature have no noodle!