Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Happy Ending, But...

Well. Today was preeeetty awful.

#1: Woke up to an angry mother.
#2: Got my cell phone taken away.
#3: Did not get enough school done.
#4: My mom's students came this afternoon, which translates to no computer use and no desk chair in my room -_-
#5: A girl stepped on my toe at dance. In a tap shoe. It kills -_-

And then the worst:

#7: My ring broke. The one I replaced my mood ring with. The one that was my favorite.

:-/ >.< :( :'(

I should have taken if off before dance. But being the incredibly intelligent individual I am, I did not. So now it's busted. Into three pieces. I only found two.

Only now today doesn't suck AS much anymore because SOMEONE just made me laugh my head off and smile and grin, so...whatcha gonna do? Did today suck, or is all well that end's well?

I'm going with a happy ending fixes everything.

At least until I remember my ring is busted and my mood ring is somewhere at Great Wolf Lodge and so my ring finger feels all naked and sobbing and my toe--

Never mind. All's well that ends well XD



♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Yeah alls well that ends well usually is what I end up having to live with. So, did you ever find your phone charger? Although without a phone you don't really have to worry about that do you? :/ sorry about your bad day.

Anonymous said...

you confuse me xD
feel better soon =)

achieve1dream said...

I'm sure there were good parts to the day too. Just remember to think of those. :) I'm having trouble with thinking on the negatives too because I twisted my ankle yesterday and it completely ruined all of my plans. :) We both need to remember the good times.

Sorry about your ring. I had a horse knock me over once and step on my hand, bending one of my favorite rings. I wasn't too upset though considering it kept my fingers from getting broken. :)

Tunafish said...

I lost a ring in the snow once... I was really sad =( but then when it melted a couple days later I found it again! =) miracles happened and GOD is good. He blesses us everyday. We just have to see it and remember it =P Jesus loves you! =)