Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going to Great Wolf

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Great Wolf Lodge. It's this hotel with a huge indoor water park. It's basically awesome. We're leaving after lunch tomorrow and getting back Saturday night, so don't expect posts :)

Today was good. I really don't wanna talk about school and cleaning. I just want to talk about tonight.

We had a church leadership meeting at my house, so Daniel (16), David (15), Matt (13), Katie (11, ), Abby (7) and Jarrod (9) (and their parents, obviously XD) all came over. They're all my unbiological siblings :D We had so much fun. Matt was hilarious as always, and everyone else was fun, too. I just love my extended family :)

Are y'all surprised that I'm still really happy? This is day... *counts* ...eleven of being really happeh. I'm definitely surprised, but pleasantly so. Let the good feelings continue :)

Cavender is going skiing this weekend. the way. Lols, I don't know why I just randomly stuck that in there XD

Anyway, I probably won't talk to y'all until Sunday! Have a great weekend!


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Izori said...

Oh, I've never been to Great Wolf Lodge, but I heard it's supposed to be SOOOOOOO much fun! Have a great time!