Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The lovely Laura has awarded me! She holds a Modest Outfit of the Month contest on her blog, and the picture I submitted won. Awesome :D Thanks, Laura! You can see the post HERE.

Hang on, lemme think of something interesting to post about.

Okay, I actually have several interesting ideas, but I'm really, really tired right now and I don't feel like putting that much brain into a post. Sorry.

My inspiration has somewhat carried over to today. I haven't written any more of the Random Story, but I came up with two cool book names. I have a list of titles that I think would be awesome for books. Now I just have to write books for all of them XD

Wanna see some of them?


Oh. Okay.




Hah, admit it, for a second you thought I'd actually let that go. Tee hee, no such luck XD

I have a freaking ton, but seven of my favorites are...

1. California Rude
2. Black Christmas
3. Pride and Arrogance
4. The [Real] Difference Between Love and Loathe
5. The Intruder Letters
6. Maps of Life
7. The Wind Reign

Think they're any good? Possibly. Absolutely no fair stealing them. I play to write books to stick on the ends of all of them XD

Anyway, I'm very tired and I think I have an ear infection, so I'm done posting for today.

But, since you all practically begged for some "fun stuff like challenges" in the poll over there (-->), here's a challenge:

Come up with a book title. I don't care if you already have a book going. I don't care if you're not a writer. I don't care if a friend usually names all your stories (*cough* Gabby named my entire series *cough*). THINK OF A TITLE.

Oh, and tell me in a comment, cest vous plait?

Thanks :D


Tunafish said...

I like titles 6 and 7 =) so... a title... well I really like naming stuff. Like awholelot! Only I'm not very good at it =P okay... jw, are you gonna use these? Cuse it's copyrighted =P jk, you can use it, I don't care. Vibration(s). There we go =) I guess this refers to maybe sound or a cell phone, earthquake, a machine... it could be about anything essentially. That's cool =) Anyways, Jesus loves you! =)

Jeni said...

Oh my gosh Kendra, I can't believe I've never commented on your blog, ever.
I've been reading it since Christmastime. What's wrong with me?

ANYWAY. I am writing a book (sortof) right now, and its title (fornow) is "Double-Crossed."

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Okey dokey...here is one "book title" a la Laura:

"Reach for the Stars"

Looking forward to your return at Easter!