Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Advice Day and Character Profile: Aiden

First, I got the Creative Writing Award from the awesome Pam Calvert! My jaw actually dropped when I got it XD I was quite surprised. Here's the awesome award:

I am now awarding...

Lia (but her blog is private)

Now. Advice Day...

Advice: I advise you to read this post ;)

I know, I know, that's cheating, but there's just one more character to go before I've introduced my little cast!

I'm somewhat having trouble finding a picture to represent Aiden, but this is close:
1. Name: Aiden Jacob Johnson
2. Age: 16
3. Birthday: July 9th 1993
4. Family: Mom; older brother, Brent
5. Hair color: black
6. Hair length: slightly long for a guy
7. Hair style: slightly shaggy
8. Eye color: brown
9. Height: medium, 5'10”
10. Body type: kind of...medium
11. Loves: music
14. Hates: nosy people
13. Strength: usually good self-control
14. Weakness: when his anger does show, he has a very bad temper
15. Sucker for: little kids
16. Irritated by: bullies
17. Wants most: to get rid of his Sight.

God-given power: Aiden can see demons.


Sam said...

Thanks so much!!

Tunafish said...

That's pretty cool =) I actually haven't read much of your work and stuff, do you know where I could read it? Awesome character! =) Jesus loves you!

Einar said...

Oh wow! An interesting power to give a character!

Tragedy101 said...

Just demons or all angels. Cause just seeing the demons would be terrifying and depressing.

Kendrabelle Logan said...

Sam: No problem! :D

Tunafish: Thanks! Well, none of my stuff is really on the internet or anything, but maybe I can send you some of my writing sometime.

Einar: Thank you :D

Tragedy101: Just demons. And yeah, VERY depressing. Aiden is not a happy guy.


Tragedy101 said...

How's that? I mean demons are just evil angels. right?

Christian Miles said...

Whoah. I have that picture on my computer for one of my characters. Weird. lol